This Can’t Go On

I Rell, being of sound mind and body…

I don’t think that the other people in CrIsis are as dedicated to this quest as they should be. They continue to follow their own personal agendas even in the face of the looming threat that more and more threatens our lives. The do not see that we are in danger or self-immolation. They think that continuing their petty little squabbles will make them more than beings of disgust and ridicule.

Cava showed his true colors today when he attacked me with almost no provocation. He has become more and more erratic in his behavior, not even considering that he was cursed to attack Dwarves a couple of days ago.

A skeleton surrounded by WingTips tells you it needs a sword taken from it’s hands and moved to it’s proper resting place so that said skeleton can fully rest. You take the sword. It’s simple. The people in the group decided that it wasn’t so simple. Even our Mind Mage, who is supposed to be intelligent in his own right, drags it out trying to get out of the skeleton exactly how it’s body died.

And when I took the sword, Cava attacked me as if I was a denizen of hell, attempting to remove me from this plane of existence. At the very least he is attempting to exert dominion over the rest of the group. Chip even contributed by throwing a net over us as if we were a couple of squabbling children who needed a time-out.

Apis, I weep for the children of men. I cry out to you for release from this CrIsis. I have brought them together as you have asked, but these ones will never be able to accomplish the task that you and your fellow gods have placed before us. I despair in surviving this, not because of what Anubis will send against us, but because of what we will do to each other.

There is no longer dissension in our ranks, just stupidity. I can do nothing to fix stupidity, and ask again for release from my onus so that I might survive this. If it is decreed by you that I continue, then so I shall, continue until that day that their willful ignorance returns me to you.

Posted by Rell on the 1st day of the rest of his life (Grekar 19, 341st year of the Eastern Dominion)

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