This is Power

The hurricane raged on. Some of the locusts were getting sucked in. It wasn’t enough. Willy can tell. He grasps the wind with his magical energy. It spins faster and faster. Then he feels it. This world is different. The elements were screaming to him. They longed the touch of elemental magic. They have not felt the love of the elementals. It feeds off of him and he feeds off of it. The energy fills him. An aura of energy surrounds him. It changes simply white at the beginning eventually turning a sky blue. He taps into this energy welcoming. He lets it flow. Others feel he is losing control, but this is what happens when pure energy is tapped into. His hair slowly changes from jet black to blue. Willy smiles and looks to his friends, “We better get out of here!” The hurricane grows and grows. It grows closer and closer to the portal. The group tries to escape. Then, they touch. There is a flash of light. Silence follows. Then a violent shock-wave explodes out as the hurricane and gate become one. It fires the group outward away from it while sucking in the remaining foes. In that moment, Willy could feel the elementals knowing they wanted a grasp in this dimension. He would find a way if possible. Just hold on.

Picture from Wikipedia – Hurricane.


3 Responses to “This is Power

  • Just what Palladium needs- another power crazed warlock…. I am worried about Willy now.

  • Super-Sayan Willy Level 1! Remember the key to unlocking Level 2 was to learn how to keep Level 1 active all the tine (or at leadt that’s how I remember it). Only a few more Levels to to go before you can unlock Super Sayan God Mode – let the Megaverse tremble!

  • Love his take on his “accidently” loss of control of the Hurricane…He is going to Rock you…

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