Three Gods

Mary, my beloved,

I will never get over the majesty of each and every pyramid that I have visited. Magic is something to get used to as well. Callandor keeps talking on the off times, and teleporting has become somewhat of a regular thing. The greatest of it all are the pyramids of the gods! They have to take the cake. I have seen the finest work of humans, elves and our own people the dwarves. The Pyramid at Sinza is one of the finest pieces of art but it is not the outside that is important but what is within that is so precious. I hope that the people of Sinza never get a fat head on the great work and lose sight of what it represents; the god of light, Osiris.

We were teleported from King Avramson’s home city of Avramstown and back to Sinza. The dear king gave us kingdom citizenship a citizenship that I already have received but appreciate that I got it again before we left. CrIsis is becoming a welcome group in the North. I think that I have a recognized citizenship in a half dozen countries or kingdoms.

Getting back to Sinza; when we arrived I was mobbed by family for an expected return and carried by the lot. I got reacquainted with them all. I really wish that you were there. For a day and a half I was shown all the growth and development that had occurred since I was there last time. They are growing so fast with the arrival of the pyramid and you should see it. Over a hundred and fifty feet tall and made of pure onyx and black marble with gold trim to accent the stairs that lead to the entrance. Torch light brings it out so well that I wish that I could have had the picture in my memory forever.

When the visiting was over and I got to get back with CrIsis, the grand opening of the pyramid commenced and wouldn’t you know it the king of Bizantium, King Bafag came with his maids and man servants, Lords and Ladies and captains and Sinza did their best to not get upset from his visit. This big-mouthed politician stood over me (by about double my height) and with a boisterous voice shows his pride of knowing that “Overkill is a citizen of Bizantium” and that when I realized that I had failed to tell him that I was now a Wolfen citizen. He wanted to be part of the festivities so bad that he insisted he hold the Ribs of Osiris and take them to the Pyramid. Karma handed them to me and we showed them to the king but did not allow him to touch such a sacred artifact.

When we marched up each step calling the names of Isis, my cousin’s wife Christine was with me as we took the lead up the stairs I was wearing my holy robes and thanks to some family the day before I got a bath in the public baths of Sinza and had some sweet smelling salts in my hair so to say the least I didn’t stink for the occasion.

We got to the door and with now all of CrIsis, the King of Bizantium, Bishop Horoth and High Priest Christine and some others we entered. Again we were teleported to the sands of, what I can only explain as, the Pyramid of Osiris. I am not sure that each pyramid leads to this place or that there is something beyond understanding but its always fantastic. As we entered in suddenly we hear a scream. As I spun around the man that had declared me a citizen roasted from the inside out to become ash and blew away. I also noticed that now instead of facades all of us were in our true forms and among them now a great horned dragon. If I was not already in awe of the place where I stood or the fact that the King of Bizantium was now dead I would of fainted away from the sight. There was a god of Dragonwright, the dragon god Kym-nark-mar I now was in a new excitement as the gods of Palladium were not holding the lines between pantheons but supported the good that the gods of Light were pursuing.

When we entered inside we were met by the goddess Bast the feline god of dance, song and seduction (and perhaps some other things). She greeted us and asked for the Ribs. When I handed them over I recalled the words of Isis who on my birthday reassured me that I was chosen and was fulfilling my calling. Part of me was worried for the kingdom when we were going to exit but I was still excited to what we were part of.

I know that you are getting excited or bored with this letter so I will hurry it up. When we exited without the king, there was a mix of horror and cheers and the start of a riot and it would have been the biggest fight Bizantium has ever seen had it not been for Bast who had shown up and called for a halt.

The city who had shown up to a dedication and blessing of the gods of Light stood stunned. I could of heard a needle fall with the silence. Then Bast spoke and declared the new king to be a dwarf; King Minischmee! We were joined also by Algor the god of the North (man that guy is tall; 60 feet I would guess). I couldn’t speak and neither could Schmee’s wife the High Priestess. Then she burst into tears. I thought it was happiness but she was so upset; her responsibilities were now going to be stacked with his and the two of them were never going to see each other again. I really tried to comfort her but I could not; this was a fatal blow to the woman. Then Bast released her from her responsibilities as High Priestess and assigned her to be loving and kind to the new king as his queen. I didn’t think that such things happened. She then took Kora, my niece and assigned her to be the new high priestess of Sinza.

Now let me stop and tell you about Kora. She is a simple girl with her father’s talent to forge and her mothers (my sister Raven) beauty. She ran a simple shop called the Golden Rope. She made some of the most beautiful gifts of finest dwarven quality (you can’t tell that I am biased). I bought a gift for Gavin (it was his birthday this week) and bought it from her (I also promised to mention the Golden Rope in a letter). To say the least I have seen a lot of changes for Sinza, the Redbeard Clan and for my family. This is the highlight of the North. I have seen kingdoms fall and rise with new kings and now, like Northolme and the Goldenbeard Clan. Now the Redbeard Clan will make their own legacy with a new king of the greatest navy here in the North.

Mary I really wish that you were here to celebrate with us all. I love you and miss you. Kiss my little braided wolf for me and know that I love you.


Sent on the First of Algor in the first year of the reign of King Minischmee.

Picture from the amazing Genzoman.

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