Twiggy Leaf

She stood there watching the Man inspect the twisted oak tree. A single leaf hung on to a branch as if it were in denial of its decaying state. His hands ran along the bark feeling the weathered years of this once proud giant. The branches stood barren useless and brittle. The gnarled roots made for an uneven standing. She whispered to the being behind her, “Even in death one can still be useful.” The ground begins to shake as the Man channels his energies into the tree. The leaf begins to wiggle, yet holds firm. It is done. The Man and the woman whisper in unison, “Twiggy Leaf”. She looks at the tree and its energy sees her. “Protect him with all your might,” she begs. The world becomes cloudy. The Man and his compatriots fade away. She speaks to the one behind her. “Even though things are marked with death and scarred, there can still be good. There can still be purpose.” Her companion stays silent listening.

A small boy appears before them watching a cocoon wiggle. She gets down on his level as he eagerly inspects the cocoon waiting for the creature to emerge. He expects a gorgeous butterfly, yet a dull grey moth slowly pulls itself out. Disgust and anger fills his face as he swats it to the ground. Its wings broken, it struggles with what it could muster. But the looming foot finishes the job. The boy runs off towards his home. The woman stays knelt as a the moth flutters up onto her shoulder. No longer part of the cloudy vision. It finds rest and comfort in her. “People fear and hate things which do not have beauty to them.” She strokes the moth with her finger. “If only they could see the heart and not the shell.” She walks off with her new friend. “Death is coming.”

Picture from Tumblr.


5 Responses to “Twiggy Leaf

  • “If only they could see the heart and not the shell.” So true!

    • Preach!

      His style is so different from most of the other writers. Love it!

    • The same philosophy could be used towards most of the Current CrIsis.

  • She is so interesting- I hope that I can make her half as interesting as you have…

  • WOW, moving and poignant…(speechless)

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