Urgency, For the Tide Shall Turn!

Could It Be True?


Due to the fact that the Quarry is not only well protected, but also due to the fact that I had become suspicious of prying eyes, I have gone into the Empire, and have sold my knowledge and become one of their heads of spying. This turned out to be a wise decision, as combining my old network with the official Empire one has brought a rumor that I personally believe to be true. I am sharing it with you, but not yet with my superiors, as I want further corroboration.

The rumor is that not only has the Quarry come up with proof that the Middle Kingdoms should be free, which is now known and verified, but…. you should sit down for this.

The agreement with the Isle of Cyclops is actually one that is enforceable only by the Middle Kingdoms! This would mean that they could command the Isle to bring its full force upon the Empire!! This could turn the tide of the war!

I hope that you are sitting down still, for the other rumor affects you and your friends in CrIsis– the Middle Kingdoms will announce an alliance with the Isle of Çynopolis, and will give the piece of Osiris to the Middle Kingdoms to use in the War. This means that the powers of the Osiris’ Left Hand would be in the hands of our Quarry, making her nigh impossible to defeat. It is a rumor, and I seek to confirm its truthfulness. My guess it they would make such an announcement on a date of significance to the Dark.

I remind you, for I did not receive an answer to my last pigeon- As for our Quarry, I have knowledge of a weakness in her protection. Send word to me via the second code structure for your arrival- we must strike soon, or she will be more powerful! Her death will be simpler to accomplish on the day of the God of Knowledge, for that is her weakest point. Please join me, for I fear that their successes are increasing her strength, and this may be the last chance.

Fare thee well, and beware all except those in your own circle. Their are definitely some who profess that they are with the Light, and with the Empire, that are double agents. I keep hoping that the Emperor will take a side with the Light, but thus far has not occurred. Be safe!

I long to be free!!!
Your Teacher

Army picture by Lord Hayabusa 357


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