WOW, what a party

13th of Kompak, Year Two of the Rebirth


My Gorgeous Creature,

What an interesting few days and what a CRAZY night. WOW, I think I have what they call a hanged under. I will try and explain. Maybe I should go back a day or two, I think. Well whatsever. IDK.


It was the morning after Tiny & Lava’s wedding. We packed up our gear (mine was ready, just threw it in my bottomless bag, kinda like my stomach), said our good-byes, and headed out of the cave system the Horned ones call a home. It is a little strange in there, not being able to see the Sky and Moon constantly is disheartening slightly, but I got over it quickly. So we are headed out when we realize we were missing someone, Cock-A-Doodle. No one knew where he was. We remember him packing, but then…




…gone. On the Horizon I spotted a strange sight. What made it strange was; first it was a Foxer, second he was dressed in medium winter clothing. Hell, I was already sweating balls and it was barely sun up, he must have been roasting. I have come across a Foxer or two and they usually don’t need much extra clothing, except for the most Killer of winters. Anyways, I stray from the point. Tiny Foxer approached cautiously and seemed to know us all by name. He said he had been sent by RA with an urgent message, well we all perked up at this. He knew to show his Ring and it was verified by the Torch. We moved off to a small dune (fracking sand everywhere, I don’t know if I will ever get it all out of my crevices, need to soak in Bear’s Head Bay for a week) to talk away from the cave. Something caught the attention of Daddy G and Tiny Foxer perked up all of a sudden. Something was out there, we just couldn’t tell. Well before I could charge any of the whatevers,…




…to the Sanctum Chamber in Sekti Abtu. There were a couple of guards waiting, one was lazing it up in a chair (I may have to talk to FRANK about the lack of discipline; WOW did I just say that, I guess Toon’paran’s lessons rubbed off a little). Well long and short of it, I owe ANOTHER door to FRANK, and we had a long inner discussion. I asked about his faith to see if he was another Khonsunite, EmEm gave him one of our famplets we have been working on. It was an early version; a lot of paw prints and scribbles, with a Moon on the cover. Like I said early version, I don’t think we could write yet then? We know what it says. Someone mentioned a white tunic with a black ascot and riding a two wheeled cart. I didn’t understand. Whatever, we finished our chit-chat and…




…we were on Roggie. I wish you could meet him before he leaves our realm. I gave a good back-scratch to say hello, he shuddered a little, he usually shudders A LOT. He must be really sick. Well, we caught up with the crew and Roggie. Cap’n let us know that Vesuvius NEEDED to see us in person (she is part to blame for this hunged out I have, you will find out why). We agreed and left Roggie and crew to get ready for the final voyage. I think I am going to miss him…





…we are set upon by more food…UH, rats…UH, ratlings? Whatevers, MEATBAGS. Well the big one (he could have feed US for at least 2 whole days babe) was shouting about some books, I was like; “GO TO THE FRACKING LIBRARY AND GET YOUR OWN”, He was all like; “NO I WANT THE ONES YOU HAVE”, I was like; “FRACK YOU IT WAS HARD TO GET THE BOOKS I HAVE AND NOT DONE READIN EM YET”, he was all; “KILL THEM ALL LET THEIR GODS SORT’EM OUT”, I was all; “YEAH, LETS JUST SEES WHOSE GODS MEETS WHOSE FIRSTEST” and it was on.
Well it didn’t last long, at least to me, I went through a couple of the smaller meals like Kalruck blubber through my backside. Tiny, PaPa & EmEm finished off the Rat-wanna-be (why would you want to be food?). All that was left was their Rat God. G and Foxer had been concentrating all their might on him. It still took the better part of 1 minute to take him out, though…

*“PUFF “*

…he is gone, but not before a warning, whatever, I guess he met himself, as He WAS a God. Oh well. So we were off to see Vesuvius. She is something else, more energy than I could ever muster and she wouldn’t shut up. She gave us tea, it was ok, but weak; I asked if she had something to spice it up with, she went and grabbed a tiny flask from her cupboard. She put a single drop into my tea. Didn’t seem like much, but WOW, I got what they call a beezz. WOW it was nice. She said it came from the Mountain border of the Land of the Damned; I guess you could call it DEMON’S BREW. We also got some greatly needed evidence about another piece. We finished the entirely one-sided conversation (hers) and headed out. As we were going back we could hear a raucous coming from Auntie Ev’s (YOU HAVE TO VISIT SOON) and some of us decided to go check it out. PaPa, EmEm and I all went in and several folks were starting pre-anti-celebration prior to The Festival of AMON. There were masks and scary garb (as though to mock the Hidden one). EmEm & I both fit in well, after first walking in 2 people screamed at seeing us and ran out the back QUICKLY. We just had to get PaPa dressed up a little.
We grabbed some sticky mud from outside, cut some of my fur off, mixed it, and then smeared it all over his face. He was actually looking pretty good…scary I should say. Well PaPa made some deal with Auntie Ev to make a shite ton of wine & ale, so he could sell it as long as us could drink it for free. Even knowing my capacity for the mead & ale, He agreed. Well I grabbed my own barrel and PaPa & EmEm shared one. I put about 10 drops of my DEMON’S BREW into my own barrel and knowing its potency only snuck 1 tiny drop into their barrel. It was interesting and fun the rest of the night. Those two got thoroughly badgered. I saw them offer some of the wine to a young fellow, he chugged it down, then passed out straight away. His friends laughed and dragged him up to his room. I remember sawing PaPa go out the back to the first tree on the left, but I don’t really remember seeing him again till we returned to Roggie. EmEm was almost socialable. I swore I saw a smile underneath his cloak. WOW, talk about scary. He was actually showing emotion!…ish. Well the hours passed quickly and Auntie Ev offered rooms as EmEm really couldn’t walk (he leaned on his scythe JUST to stand) and I was stumbling over many of the passed out revelers (some of dem will feel it in the morning). I told him I would get us both home if he could just keep an eye out for PaPa, he said sure, than poured the last of EmEm & PaPa’s special barrel into his private bottle, goof luck with that. I has completely sucked mine dry even licking the inside to get every last drop. Well EmEm went over my shoulder as I attempted to walk us back to Roggie. I was steadfast and every time it seemed as though I was going to walk into a building or something I veered at the last second. I do recall walking in a crazy random zig-zag fashion, even walking backwards for quite a stretch. I even managed to accidentally sneak up on some fellas having a conservation at knife point with another fella. They went screaming off and the other fellow just yelled thank you and asked which God to praise for saving him; I just kept bellowing KHONSU over and over. I don’t know if that is good or bad? Well I gots EmEm back on Roggie and had to lead him to his bunk as I couldn’t carry and walk on the bobbing ship (I think Roggie was playing with us). Holding him up by his shoulders, we made it down. I remember leaving him and Eyes was waiting in his bunk, ah young love, isn’t it grand?! Well I left them, went to the bow to praise KHONSU before passing out. There was just a sliver of HIM visible in the sky. I was saying my piece when…


…the Sun was glaring me awake, like some crazy joke RA was playing. Sorry, it wasn’t that funny. I was still SITTING on the bow. I stunk something fowl (I think someone retched on me), and I had a horrendous headache, so I jumped into the bay, grabbed some rocks from the sea floor and scrubbed down good and hardy, using the dock pylon to scrub my back. The cool water helped a little with the headache, and the barnacles got me good and clean.

We are taking Roggie presently to Credia for his final days. I LONG TO SEE YOU. I miss your touch, your warmth, your breath, your everything, it would be spectacular if you could make it. I know your protectorate may want to see Roggie one last time, so besides seeing me, you would have a reason to come. I would really love to introduce my bonded…FEE-AN-SAY… to Roggie and the crew. After Credia, we will be headed to Wisdom.

May KHONSU bless you and our glorious love.
Soon will come our ritual bonding.

Demon’s Brew picture pieced together from open sources by LURCH6571
All other pictures previously referenced in A God Rebuilt

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