Wow…he just doesn’t know when to quit…

26th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.


Most Knoble General,


I right to you out of respect for your Niece, You and your traditions. I has been made awares of the traditionals of Bonding and marriages with in your Kultures. I therefours right to you and axe for her paw in marriages.


Whatsever your feelins may be towards Me & CrIsis & My involvement with dem, we must not think of that, we must think of Ansa, her feelins are of the utmost in this situation.


She loves us both & We both love her, therefour please think of her and her desires and help to heal the relations that are effected by it.




Please consider my request and May Khonsu Bless you,







Tinor picture previously referenced on this site.



  • I suspect him saying “No” won’t stop the marriage, but it would make things uncomfortable. I hope he gives his blessing!

    • Ursus would be conflicted, but would “talk” with Ansa to try and have her convince him to say “Yes”. He has changed in his acceptance of “Social Norms” and is trying very hard to conform in this matter.

  • There has been a lot of growth for the character. I too, hope it goes the way you want.

    • He is trying his darndest to change, not only himself, but the world around him.

  • Tinor has witnessed none of the very significant changes in Ursus, and I assume this was sent to Avramstown?
    Great log, and honestly, Ursus deserves the blessing….

    • Ursus only knows that Tinor is and always was in Avramstown. As far as changes witnessed, that will depend on his reading of books and what Ansa has told him.

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