Wait, HE did what?

12th of Kompak, Year Two of the Rebirth


Wise and Great Chieftain,


Apologies for what seems like an eternity for my response, and a request for patients. First, while it was several cycles of the moon for you, it was a few mere moonsets for me. We traveled into an underground realm that made time go all higgledy-piggledy. While I am not sure exactly what or how it happened (maybe one as wise as you may understand), it did occur. I even missed the Great Blood Harvest Moon of Khonsu. Also while in this realm, we were completely cut-off from any communication from the upper realm.


SO, Love has not stopped my quest, if anything, it has strengthened my resolve to make this realm a better place for those I care about, since the number has gone up. You, wise one can call me what you wish, unless you have decided to worship Khonsu, then He may appreciate it, otherwise you are free to choose.


We have received other reports of the conflict between the Small Ones, The Dark Ice Army, the Hoomans and the Children of the Island Nation. We will be visiting, BUT, I am afraid that I cannot state exactly when, It seems that there are in-honorable spies that seem to track us through our communiques with our friends and family, so I will not speak the time frame whence we will come, only say that we will come.


AS for that, I regret to ask for another favor. We seek a passage to the BROOK full of STONES that runs through the CENTER of the island. There are some FISH we seek to catch that are in the BROOK. Maybe we could hire some GUIDES that could lead us there directly.


Praise be to Khonsu that you and your kin are safe. I hope to share more good news later. There is a Ritual Bonding that has to be planned.


OH, I also would like you to meet my FEE-AN-SAY very much; maybe I will bring her soon.


May Khonsu bless you and may your nights travel well.

Wayra Tiriaq Picture is from Canadian Museum of History
Ansa picture from our own AZ_RUNE

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