Might as well make a slug a God

21st of Thok Na, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.


My Gorgeous Gouger,





I have changed, not to fear, for it is in a great manner that I have changed. I have been deemed worthy by the Gods to be amongst them. I am now Ursus Monstrum Actos, DemiGod of the Monster Races.


It was a strange experience, I was sleeping for a little while to rest and heal. Suddenly a bright light was in my face waking me up, I yelled for someone to tamp down the campfire.



I heard a deep bellowing voice call my name. This was a familiar voice, but not from any of my Compatriots. It was the Mighty Ra speaking to me. At first it was but a dream, but then I stood. I could see the tall grasses of Ma’ip for days (they were nearly as tall as I). My thoughts were that I had been taken in my sleep, but there before me was the Mighty Ra, staring down at me, seemingly beaming, with joy? Strange. He spoke and his words enveloped me like your love does when we are together. He explained that I was chosen to be amongst the Gods and Mortals as a DemiGod. My feelings were that I was not yet worthy, but who was I to argue with the Gods. I have been trying to better myself, yet this goal seemed distant at best. I digest…or is it distress? Ra lead me through the tall grass explain what my transformation would entail. As he spoke I felt the changes in me. He said I would be tougher, I felt like I could chew diamonds. He said I would be stronger, I felt I could lift the world. He said I would be more agile and faster, I felt I could race the Sun and hurdle the Moon (pun intended, at least I think it is a pun). He said I would more wise and charismatic, I felt more able to comprehend and was clear in thought. He also said I would be more charming and handsome, I felt my age with away.


Once he was done, he explained that with this new found power and status came greater responsibility and accountability. I could feel the weight of it all. I knew that I must do better, much better than I have at changing, not only myself, but the entire realm. I replied that I am up to the task. He asked me if I had any questions of Him, but I was a bit dumbfounded at the whole experience and was for once speechless. I felt humbled being in his presence and for the gift he had bestowed upon me. With that he raised his hand placed it upon my head and I awoke to the campfire, almost completely burned out. I roused myself and stoked the coals to prepare for the others to wake and eat.


The entire experience was very surreal and joyous. The only experience I have had that was a greater one for me was walking around the corner of the market square and seeing you in true form and knowing that you and I would be together for our eternities.


Your Handsome Hellion

Ansa drawn by AZ_RUNE
Ra-Sun and Bear Paw print cobbled together by LURCH6571


4 Responses to “URSUS BECOMES A GOD

  • Congratulations on your ascension! The change is noticeable

  • I like the formal Demigod name! As we continue to RP in game it’ll be interesting to see just how much “wiser” he truly is.

  • I send the club jackets out on Friday, welcome to the club!

  • Yeah, how much cattle will need to be slain to fit a jacket for Ursus??

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