Now he is just asking for it.

It is the 9th day into the Winter Moon, Crisis is in a quagmire of mazes and tunnels. During a respite, Ursus can be seen moving into a corner of one of the anti-chambers. He kneals, pulls a rat from somewhere with a few coins. He slices open the rat and places the coins into the carcass. He starts to speak in a very low tone that is barley audible.

Great Lord of the Monster, Great Lord of the Traveler, Great Lord of the Night, I am grateful for all that you have blessed upon me, I am grateful to accomplish this mission in your name. I rarely ask for anything, and when I ask I ask for little. Since we have been down here time has gone all wiggly-jiggly, and it is more than 2 months since we left. I must beseech thee to let my Beloved, that you blessed upon me, know that I am safe and will return to her when it is fated. I know the day that I return the love and bond between us will renew and grow even greater. I ask this not for my own well being, but for her sake to know that she is not abandoned. I would also beseech thee, that if I do fall that she is also properly informed. I don’t want her to suffer needlessly. I also have a small request. I know that worship of you has grown, but I fear that in my absence, it may wain. All I ask is that you inspire Keegan in some manner to carry on as Gothi-in-absentia. Upon my return I will resume prime duties as Gothi-prima, until the Church can muster up someone. I still don’t know what the HELL…Sorry, getting upset there…I don’t know what is taking so long. Anyway, praise be to Khonsu and all that he preserves, accept this sacrifice, as meager as it may be.

Ursus, lowers his forehead and touches it to the “sacrifice”. He returns upright and has a blood stain on his forehead in the shape of a heart. He is not aware of it what so ever. He carries on with the task at hand for Crisis. The others see it but don’t question him on it.

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