We hope they survive(d)

25th of Thnu, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.


Your Eminence, Keegan Seárlas Cardinal Rearden, Archbishop of Khonsu





May you be blessed by the Champion of Light and Justice on this Glorious Day of Horus. CrIsis has been busy putting our Savior together, the Kidney has found a resting place, as I am sure you know.


I am also reporting that my personal worship has grown, I hear them in my head all the time now. So Godly wasn’t going crazy that whole time. I know Crow talks to me just about every night. Anyway, I have felt this urge to “bless” couples or those that are looking for true love. I have done it a few times, but the outcome I have only “witnessed” once. Our newest member, Shredder and a female of his wee-folk, were “eyeing each other and I “sensed” something there, so I blessed the young Waif, and they seemed to make a fuller connection…After Shredder went running after her that is. They were separated by our mutual journeys, but were reunited with in a weeks time. She was released form her obligation and they seem to be doing well. I wonder if my influence had anything to do with it at all. Time will tell…for their relationship and for my hand in the matter.


Another sign of the growth of my worshipers; While in BZC, I went looking for more of the flock, i was able to find a few without much trouble. I went and worshiped with them; however, none seemed interested in a personal blessing from me…That I don’t understand. I am sure they would benefit most greatly from a blessing by me…oh well. Of course I don’t really know, I have never heard from the Kobolds I blessed awhile back. I know my Bonded and Childs enjoyed it.


Also, while on my travels in BZC, I cam across those of the Monster and I felt they were suffering for some reason, I inquired of their plight and it seems they don’t wish to be beholden as property of others. This was confusing to me, as it seems they could just leave and live their lives away from those that “owned” them. I am not sure, I will have to conversate with Totem about this.


I was able to let another couple feel my blessing of Monogamy. Huge and Rune-Ella seemed to be becoming quite intimate and I seemed to “sense” a spark there as well. I sought them out the last day in BZC and ask them to be allowed to be blessed as well. They agreed and I felt better about this one for sure. I hope those two young kids do well.


Being new to all of this, I am basically coming to someone that is most learned of the ways of worship and ask for advice…or should I just wing it? Anyway, will hopefully see you soon.


May the Traveler bless you in your journey on this realm,


Ursus Monstrum Actos

Sent to Cardinal Rearden, in Sekti-Abtu, via Magic Eagle.

Cardinal Keegan picture from Wikipedia



  • I think we should make Ursus into literally anything else because the change of perspective would only improve him in the long run.

    • He’s always trying to advance himself and the Church

  • As always, his nicknames are wonderfully confusing and amazing.

  • What’s so confusing about them. Seem fairly straight forward to me…

  • Go Ursus! Spread that love around!

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