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Late evening of the 5th of Kagna, 2nd year of the rebirth, Church of Light, on the island of Y-Oda.

The following is an excerpt from Malkin Falimede’s journals. It concerns an event involving Ansa, Ursus and himself.

My Darling, Does it have to be tonight?


Yes, of course. I thought you would want Auberon & Kolbjorn to be protected as much as possible. By garnering the blessings of Our Gods this will help to ensure their protection.


Yes, but it is so soon…I don’t know if they are ready…I don’T know if I AM ready…


It has to happen soon, I have missed so much with ya’ll and I will have to leave very soon to complete my Godly Quest, I don’t want to miss this especially…plus I have a bit of a surprise for you.


OK, fine let’s go then, Malkin let’s go, we’re headed to the Temple


Wait…What?…br-brah…wait…what?…excuse me, I’m going where?


Your coming with us Malkin, I mean your their Gods-Father after all.


My Dear Ansa, what do you mean I’m their Gods-Father? We haven’t discussed this. I don’t know if I’m the one that should be…




Malkin stares quizzically at Ursus, who stares back with a look of defined acceptance. Malkin accepts his fate and walks in to a back room of his abode and retrieves two “fortified” cloth wraps, one a dark magenta-pink and the other a light azure-blue. The children are wrapped on Ansa & Ursus respectively. Malkin tries to help, but being after sundown, he is almost sliced by KolbJorn and decides the Parents are better suited to handle the potentially lethal gruffness of the Children.


It is quite the sight to see as the Quintet travel through the streets of Bletherad. Proud MaMa Bear & PaPa Bear strolling along, the two baby bears clawing at their mantas and Parents. The mantas seem to be holding and the wounds the Parents receive are just mere flesh wounds seemingly, they are both bleeding but only slightly and neither seems to be in much pain, they are just giggling and cooing at their children, like it is a simple game they play all the time. Malkin trails them with his head hung down ever so slightly.Most folk run with a look of terror upon seeing the sight (especially after the earlier “parade” of Ursus carrying a laboring Ansa towards the forest), a few stare in a somewhat disgusted manner, but look or walk away quickly once eye contact is made with Ansa, who is not pleased with their manner (She bares Her large teeth at some). A few true “fans” and friendly acquaintances see the small troop and follow (spaciously) behind. They soon arrive at the Church of Light. Ansa & Ursus both reach for the doors at the same time.


LET ME GET THOSE PLEASE! We don’t want to bring the ire of Bennu by ripping the doors off one of her temples, now do we.


After entering and convincing the Priests on duty, the Children are blessed in the Name of Khonsu. Ursus performs the ritual blessing in the name of Khonsu, ensuring to ask forgiveness of Ra for allowing him to conduct the ritual in his Church. He then has Ansa and the Children stand on the sepulcher.


Mighty Khonsu, again I ask forgiveness, I intend to perform another ritual and not having a temple erected in my honor as of yet, I hope to honor you by performing an inaugural Ursus blessing in your presence.


Ursus approaches his family. He slices open both his palms enough for blood to flow. He places a palm on the forehead of children.


I, Ursus, DemiGod of the Monster Races hereby bless thee AuBeron & KolbJorn, spawn of my loin, may you bask in my Glory and the Glory of the Gods of Light.


He then places both palms on his Betroth’s forehead.


I, Ursus, DemiGod of the Monster Races hereby bless thee Ansa, Mother of my spawn, may I bask in your Glory and may you bask in the Glory of the Gods of Light. I love you Darling and I love the Handsome Childs you blessed me with.


I love you too my Darling. I feel blessed giving you Childs.


Upon completing the blessing, he gently and lovingly scratches each child, with a single claw, down the length of their chest. He then fully, but loving, claws his Betrothed down the middle of her chest. She seems overjoyed by the assault. The children start to whimper a little, but soon giggle in delight as well. All three heal in moments. All five then leave and return to Malkin’s abode. The next morning Malkin notices something strange on Ansa’s chest (She often runs around the dwelling fully naked, even after being asked not to by Malkin, several times, to not do so. In fact all four are completely naked in Ansa’s Area playing and being a family with each other, Malkin blushes immensely, but is pleased to see them enjoying being a family) as well as the Children’s. They all have a slight scar where they were scratched or clawed by Ursus. Strange to Malkin, as no matter what injury Ansa has ever received while “protecting” him, she has never once had a scar result, ever…


Ansa, Ursus & Malkin Falimede drawn by our own AZ_RUNE.



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