What happens when bears poke bears.

8th of Kagna, Year 1 of the Rebirth

Dear Great Chieftain,





OK, that is a lot to take in all at once, let me start over from a beginning. It was the 7th of Kagna and we had just arrived in the Kingdom, in a secluded location. Since the location was a local inn, we decided to procure some of their rooms for our time here. Since I looked most like the local humans AND spoke the local language naturally, it was decided that I would go down to procure the rooms, Big G was sent along to ensure a smooth transaction and proper use of the -OK- coin given by PaPa for the transaction. That was when I met my, soulmate, I will remember that moment for as long as I draw breath…UHH, sorry, lost my train of thought there for a moment. Isn’t it glorious! Anyways, SHE was bustling down the hall at a rapid pace. I was moving into the hall at my own rapid pace. We collided. Now, right then and there was the MOMENT, for you see usually if I even lightly ‘bump’ into just about everyone, they end up flat on the floor. But this was MUCH different. When we BUMPED it was like the colliding of two stars; explosions and novae occurred. I could SENSE her strength and as I looked into her eyes I could tell she sensed mine…YUP, sorry, again with the distraction. She made first words, and asked when I would be available for feasting, I smiled and said I would have to let her know, she smiled back at me, saying OK, and sauntered down the hall to her room. After what seemed liked an eternity, she walked into room 9 of the Wolfen Minstrel. Big G had to give me a shove to break the spell, and I mean almost knocked me down to the floor. I looked to make sure what room we were in to procure that one, room 6.


I and G eventually made it downstairs and went to the main entry of the Wolfen Minstrel. I procured two rooms for a week, and was able to garner some information from the concierge, she was quite helpful. It turns out that all non-Humans and non-Wolfen have been conscripted to serve in the Havean Army. Also the city is under siege by Eastern forces. Shiny Tiny, eMeM and PaPa were able to determine this from seeing the massive shield that currently envelopes what seems like the entire City. The last bit of intel was finding out her name, ANSA…such a majestic name…


After returning to the rooms and sharing the information with the others we messaged a friend of CrIsis to let his know we had arrived, and requested his presence. While waiting for him, there was a knock at the door, I answered as I had taken on the role of the principal of the group, I was pleasantly surprised to see ANSA at the door…our eyes locked…it was a perpetuity. She broke the silence again, asking me to a high moon feasting at an open air establishment here in town; I agreed to let her know, as we were waiting for our friend and had other business. She again sauntered down the hall and all I could do was stare like a prepubescent cub. After she was out of sight, I returned back into my room. There was another knock at the door, I rushed to it, knocking everyone out of the way, I answered the door and was unpleasantly surprised to see our friend, and I apologized for my reaction, letting him in.


After sharing all the knowledge we all knew about the situation here in the Kingdom, we set off. I went to the main entry desk looking for our return of coins from the room payment, G heard music and wandered off, and I wasn’t really paying attention as I was intent on leaving a note for my darling:


“My darling Ansa, I would be honored to meet you under the light of Khonsu, I will be there in TRUE form. My hopes are that you will be there in TRUE form as well, beautiful angel.”



Well it turns out that I should have payed attention to G. He became enthralled with the musician, as did PaPa who went to retrieve him. Tiny had to go retrieve them both. It wasn’t a complete waste as we made a new contact here in the City.


We headed to a trusted messenger service to send a request to a former “friend” of CrIsis. Upon getting the message sent, we returned to the rooms. Everyone made plans for evening dinner; I made plans for a high moon rendezvous. I concocted a ruse to join the rest, as we went downstairs, I snuck out the back. I know, how could someone of my size and girth sneak anywhere, but I am very experienced at hiding myself in plain sight. It took me several hours to reach the intended rendezvous; patrols were very heavy and the path I had to take was extremely intricate. As I peeked around the last corner, I saw the most beautiful creature Khonsucould ever imagine creating.



She stood at the counter proudly and openly in her glorious TRUE form. At that instant, I no longer tried to hide my own glorious TRUE form. I stood straight and tall and walked right at her. She caught site of me and the overflowing joy I saw in her eyes was only matched by my own overflowing joy. We stood for a moment snout to snout breathing in each other’s animalistic musk; hers was so powerful I could taste it. She licked at her chops and offered me a tray of something; we gorged it down in an instant. I asked her if she was hungry for something else, she grasped me roughly by the claw and I allowed her to drag me away. We ended up in a very secluded forest area. It was dark and silent; as though all other living beings sensed us and fled for their lives. We entered a small clearing. We faced each other down on all fours; again drinking in each other’s musk and essence. This seemed to last an eternity. We then both rose to our hinds, lightly touching; snout to snout, chest to breast, hip to hip. Her abundant breasts were fully swelled and I was fully engorged. She made a faint and I attacked. We spent the next several hours violating each other; clawing, biting, thrusting. By the time the moon set and we lay in a pile upon each other, the small clearing was large now and the ground looked as though a wind storm had ripped everything up by the roots. Blood, fur and fluids covered the exposed dirt. We arose and walked hand in hand back to the Inn in our full glory, where we laid nestled together and recovered until the high sun.



…Uh yeah, about that. I have been chosen as Khonsu’svoice or ghost or something, and now I am also known as:




I was awoken, by the bustling of my compatriots in the hall and the next room. I slipped quietly, not wanting to disturb such beauty from her rest after being ravaged, into the hall. Messages had been received from our contact from the former “friend” GL. A meet was set; I informed the rest that I also had a meet set with another former “friend” of Crisis, GT, which was set by my new found soul mate. She is close with him (there was some confiding in each other during the long walk back to the inn). It was agreed to keep the respective engagements. I found out later that the rest had discovered a way into the place we came to find in the Kingdom in the first place, and that we are basically hated by the former CrIsis “friends”, this didn’t bode well for my own engagement.


As Beloved and I met we lovingly gazed at each other, ignoring any and all that went by. Then a huge presence disturbed our interaction. At first, I was angered; I turned to greet this disturbance with my rage. Belovedquickly yelled out; “Hello Uncle Tinor!”. My rage subsided quickly as I realized WHO was disturbing us AND the relationship he had with Beloved. She, announced me by the name I was giving out to try and hide my presence here, but I could tell in his eyes that he knew exactly who I was. He tried to brush us off quickly after that, especially when she announced to him our intent to commit to a lifetime bond in front of all. Actually we are already bonded, by the shear act of…well our actions of last night. She was seeking his blessing and I commence to try and get it from him. He granted it on one condition, that the war with the Easterns was over. I tried to get him to acknowledge who I really was, but he continued to cut me off and left very quickly.


Well, the rest of CrIsis met with their contact and was given insight on what to do next. G crafted a letter to another former “friend” of CrIsis, KA. The letter was dispatched and they went back to the Inn. Beloved and I also returned to the Inn to continue bonding ourselves to each other, I have to say she has a lot of pull around here. Her bed survived everything we put it and ourselves through. I have never had a bed survive my sleeping, much less my bonding. Anyways, we continued while the rest did what they did, I guess G found someone to bond with also, I thought I heard him and her through the walls, when Beloved & I paused for feasting; I shared some of my magic bear-pig meat. She loved it, then feasted on my bear meat.


We received instructions that evening as to how to meet with KA. We ALL were to go the Pyramid, stand on the first step and beg, yes I said beg. Using the statement “Please support the Gods of light, for they are needy and greedy and ask much of all!” I was able to cajole several hundred coins out of folks and I left those with the Church. G received a key, and was told to follow the donator. We all saw the exchange and followed. He led us to a door hidden in a back alley. G used the key, and I shoved open the door. Luckily I went first, for there was an open trap door on the other side, but I was much larger than the hole, only half my leg fit through. After removing my leg the rest were able to slide and shimmy down the hole, as there was no other path. Once they were through I clawed and dug my way past the door and trap. They may have to replace that later; maybe I will give them some coins to help cover the cost. Anyways the passage below was more than enough for all to fit. It was a long passage filled with discarded half eaten bones. Something was living and feasting down here. We eventually made it to the other end and another trap door. Upon exiting we met an elder fellow who seemed to be expecting us. I tried to explain about the first door but he just shuffled off saying to wait and we would be summoned to appear before KA. This is where we sit, waiting, so I thought I would get this off to you.


OH YEAH, I did get your last message, many grateful thanks for the support that you have promised. I will let you know when we will be in need of it.


May Khonsu bless you and yours, and may the Moon always shine over your house.


Wayra picture from Canadian Museum of History
Ansa human and bear by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org
Wolfen Minstrel picture obtained from open sources and combined by LURCH6571
Baal-Rog pictrure from Mafaka
King Avramson picture from the great James Ryman.

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