Ruith & Ivsaar Brymaris, internalist & weaver respectively, twin brothers sent to the guild to “learn the ways”; are in their room arguing about something…


*“I’m telling you, CrIsis will kick their ass. There is NO way, those punks will take ‘em down.”*


“Yeah, they will and I am willing to bet on it.”


*“OK, what’s the stakes?”*


“OK, let’s say loser has to be the other’s “battery” for a week.”


*“Right, you got a bet, now how are we going to tell who won?”*


“Well, if we bond we could combine skills and power and remote view the fight, I just saw them head up to the top of the tower.”


*“OK, let’s hurry; I sense it will start soon.”*


The two brothers clasp hands and touch heads, bonding and sharing power, concentrating, they start to remote view the top of the Tri-Arcanum tower from above, as to not interfere or let their presence be known. The interlopers can be seen preparing for battle, trying to set a trap. They are all in a circle funneling energy to help Gul “high-jack” the incoming teleport.



It works, CrIsis appears on the roof, but there is an extra member with them, Jidian Kulder, he is well known from the books and his own legend. Gul welcomes CrIsis, and it begins. Many start to mumble and finger wiggle, preparing spells and castings. Xerx’ses does something no one has ever seen before; He takes off flying and charges Alarin. It is a wide miss. A large electrical ring goes up surrounding the rest of CrIsis, seemingly trapping them, and singes Tulgas, one of the interlopers. The rest are now fully engaged; Ursus takes several massive magical and psionic blows; these seem to be enough to kill almost anyone else outright, yet he still stands, barely. Attacks fly back and forth rapidly. The newest/oldest current member of CrIsis, Jidian, is able to finish Tulgas quickly with a well-placed arrow shot to his chest; the arrow is magic or runic and poor Tulgas vanishes in a puff; all that’s left are two smoking embers falling to the ground. Ursus, finally realizing where the attacks are coming from is barley getting out of the way of the assaults. The Man with no Name, deftly leaps on Ursus’ shoulders, then acrobatically flips OVER the electric field as Ursus dodges another assault. All are moving so fast their movements are almost a blur, except for Xerx’ses; he is a blur, flying so fast that tracking him is extremely difficult. Father Indaris has positioned himself in the middle of his teammates, in arm’s length of most of them still in the ring, he touches Ursus; The bear is miraculously invigorated, glowing faintly. Grignak, tiring of the onslaught, braves the barrier and rushes through headlong. There is a loud crackling and smell of burning flesh; he is visibly hurt, more scars for the collection. Alarin, decides to brave the ring and moves into the ring with CrIsis, those that remain. This is a mistake, He takes an arrow shot from Jidian, seriously winging him, then insult to injury, Ursus LEAPS up over his cohorts and lands directly on his head. He is crushed and his blood and guts get shot out in all directions about thirty feet; pieces crackle and sizzle against the massive electric hurdle. Rudith & Ivsaar tremble slightly as the revulsion of the sight hits them.


Grignak, entangling with Folwin, falls, having taken too much of an assault from the electric ring to defend properly. Xerx’ses, is still flying around blasting the interlopers with his lightning, this reminds Ruith of a strange vision of a mechanical flying beast that shot fire from its belly at targets on the ground, the only other impression he could glean was its name; SPECTRE. No Name had taken on Urgrul and was gaining the upper hand, but his cronies were close and tried to waylay No Name; this didn’t last as they had their own issues when Silent Dream brought a pillar fire and brimstone down upon them both. Father Indaris seemed to be fumbling a bit, unsure of him-self and what to do. He looked around and found a target, pointed and Gul’s staff hit the ground with a massive THUD. Delgum was next on the hit list as Dream grabbed him with his mind and pulled him through the deadly ring. He tried to utter some words…but his body did for him what he was trying to say. Rudith & Ivsaar tremble again at the nauseating manner of the death.


Ursus, meanwhile, having caught sight of Grignak falling, locked onto his foe and pounced, literally. He took two steps, jumped up AND over the ring, almost landing on Folwin; by sheer luck or divine wind he missed. He self-preservingly fought back, slicing into Ursus with his powerful mind sword. It seemed enough of a blow to slice off anyone else’s arm, but Ursus kept coming. It seems Folwin, got a little too close as Ursus knocked him down, pinning him with one giant paw, while the other sliced down his side, almost gutting him open. His saving grace was the mind shield he also had deployed. This kept the razor sharp small sword sized claws from digging in, but Ursus’ dagger sized teeth were also finding their mark; not the mention the aforementioned pinning claw, literally squeezing the life breath out of him. He used his last ounce of physical and mental strength combined to try and squirm from the grasp; to no avail. With ALL his energy drained, he could no longer prevent the onslaught of the massive beast. He seemed calm, retrospective. The twins caught just a glimpse of his thoughts as they were foremost on his mind. “WOW, what the frack was I thinking following that spindle Gul; look at me know, I am dead.” Ursus seeing the defeat in his eyes, laid the killing blow, saying: “Where ever your going, you will have to ask for a new head.” Folwin no longer has a calm expression or demeanor; he is in complete terrifying panic as Ursus slices his head clean off with one swipe of his claws, better than any axe wielding executioner of the realm. He then promptly gulps down the head, swallowing it WHOLE. Rudith & Ivsaar get the last of the images from Folwin, as they are concentrating on him intently. What they see breaks the bond between them and causes them to go into a semi-catatonic state. They half stare at each other, trying to squelch the thoughts so fresh in their minds. The only thing that snaps them out of it is the sudden urge to retch, which sends them both running to the privy. As they both heave, all they can think of is seeing Folwin’s head being swallowed, FROM FOLWIN’S PERSPECTIVE.

CrIsis group picture from AZ_RUNE
Bear growling picture from National Geographic
Bear nightmare from CreepyPasta Wikia

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