…and it’s a doozy!


3rd of Ka Da, 4th Year of the Rebirth


My Quantum Queen,





I have this wonderful Idea, My Queen. Oh wait, yes, I know it has been a year since I left, but be reassured, I am still amongst the mortal and I will be coming back to you and the Childs. We have the FINAL PIECE and are headed to place it, but enough of that I must tell you about this new IDEA!


WE need a home of our own, not just You, Me & The Childs, I am talking WE, those of the night, that walk amongst the Hooman in day. All of us Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, WE need a home of our own. I know it seems crazy, but please wait till I speak with you in person and explain better then I can with words…well you know what I mean.


For too long WE have been shunned, forsaken and HUNTED. That time ends now. I am determined to create a Kingdom for us and all our KIN. We are owed that much, or at least a chance to attempt to forge a NEW KINGDOM. I mean every other race has there own place to hang and do stuff, why can’t we? We are just as much a part of this realm as the rest. It is time for the Children of their Wars to come out of hiding and claim their right to self governance. Or at least be open with whom they are.


I think I have the perfect spot. It is the southern-most peninsula of Dragon’s Claw Bay. It is basically right between the Joruuth of Kiridin and the Ursa Rex Tribe. I think those two would make great neighbors. Oh and the Bearmen aren’t far either. Also it is halfway between your “Family” and my “Family”. Maybe you could broach the subject with Uncle and get his opinion on the location as well as ask a favor on my behalf.


To me it seems perfect. CrIsis traveled through there months ago and it was lovely. Forest as far as the eye could see. Frigid cold waters in the rivers, lakes and the bay for a nice long soak. Speaking of I am going to find the closest large pool and have one of the Guys freeze it, mostly, and soak for at least a day. Hades was re-donk-u-lus-lee frackin HOT!!!. I mean, my balls dragged on the ground the entire time looking for someplace cooler. Oh and they had the gall to call part of it a “Glacier”. Really, it was the hottest friggin’ spot in the entire realm.


Oh yeah…the favor from Uncle…Umm…I will need to petition the Wolfen Senate for the lands. I am hopeful he still has enough influence to accommodate the request. So Darling, what do you think? Oh & I realize some of our Cousins may not go along with moving, I know the Panth & Jags sure love their “Warm” weather. There are some warm spots up here in the north, but that will be up to them. Maybe once Our Kingdom is settled I can help them find a place in the Jungles. The Tigs may like the are that is more inland, but I know the Wolfs & Bears will LOVE the far northern region. I know I will. I’m thinking a home right on the edge with a giant ramp down to the bay, so we can have a nice soak every night.


So, send me your thoughts and any ideas or strategy for helping to make it happen. I just hope there aren’t folk already inhabiting such a lovely cold place. That way there won’t be any arguments over the land. Of course this will all be after Our Lord is fully returned and the Quest is done.


Your Konfident King


I almost forgot, can you and the Childs meet me in Khemennu?.

Sent to Ansa in the Avramstown via Magic Pigeon

Ansa pic by our own AZ Rune.



  • A whole Kingdom of Ursuses! Could the world survive such a thing?

    • Sure, because they would be tempered by just as many Ansas.

  • I cannot imagine the first negotiations with other lands…. fun log.

    • Hey…So WE want to live here now…You can stay, buuut, WE tend to stay up all night partying, hunting, carrying on and the like. Hope this don’t bother ya. We could always Arm wrestle for the land if you like?

  • ^^^ All of this! YES ^^^

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