We Band of Brothers Honor You.


Childs of The Golden one and Childs of mine,


Listen to me childs, while you may miss your fathers, it has always been are hopes & dreams that we could create a better world for our offspring to be raised and lives in. Hoping that you will go on to be greater than us. Being that, We understands that we may halfs to sacrifice of ourselves to ensure this comes to fruitition. This being said, we may not be there, ever, to see you blossom into the greatness that your destined for in this realm.


Know this though, as childs of CrIsis, you will be cared for and raised properly, this I oath on the memory of the Godly One. If I do not make it to ensure this is done, thirst others will be there to follow through, seconds the minions of Ma’ip will never know what hit them as I will surely end up there.


Mothers of the Childs of CrIsis. Be not sad at are demise. We all knew going into this that we were dead. We willing chose this of are own free will. Are sacrifice will ensure that are childs will live in a better world.


To my lost brother, may you find yourself again;


We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile.




Sent, via His Holiness, to Ansa and Laval’Liere.

Xerx’ses Icon drawn by AZ_RUNE



  • Very touching…. but isn’t Torrun fun?

    • Read my last log for the Fun of Torrun.

    • To be honest that remains to be seen. I am still feeling out his personality, trying to make him VERY different from Xerx’ses though if I had my way I would rather finish the game with the character I started with. 3 years even at a job you like is rough to switch up from.
      Alas, I am trying to give it my best shot.

  • I imagine that what may be easy for us to understand may be harder for loved ones and those left behind to accept. Being the family of an adventurer is not an easy life.

    • Yes, that is why Ursus sent it, to try and explain, won’t do him much good, Ansa will still give him what for if he ever dies…permanently.

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