OH, This aught to be good…

26th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

To my beautiful Childs





I thought I would take the time to right this, even dough yous hasn’t been bourne yet. The reason I am righting is because with our kind gaining knowledge and wisdom from our fourfadders is rare…very rare; most of the time we barely know our parents. We are kicked out of the den as soon as we can go on the hunt solo. While, I kan’t really speak for your Mudder, I am sure her experience was similar to mine; I want to change that with your generation or at least try.

First, you will have kravings…major kravings…to go and kill indiscriminately. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. There are beings out there that don’t deserve to have their life taken just because you have to feed your need for the lust of blood. Plus there are many ways to feed that lust that don’t require taking of innocent life. I know, I have felt the same lust my entire life, but I was able to keep it in check…for the most part…I will discuss that later. Needless to speak…it will be tuff. You MUST strive to overcome your desires. I will do my best to help you gain knowledge in how to do that and I will show you the proper way to hunt that will feed the lust and that doesn’t harm the innocent.

Acceptable targets for indiscriminate hunting:
• Lycans or wolves; Now you will have to be careful here, there are true evil, disease infested beasts that are not innocent, you will be able to sense these diseased filth readily. There are also some who LOOK like the filth, but are true innocents. Anyways, you will be able to tell and you may destroy them with free rain. They are not worthy of life.
Demons; Pretty much all demons are evil and will harm you just because, complete free rain on these evil creatures of hell.
• NON-sentient animals; while some consider them innocent, we still have to follow our own instincts and these beings are good for feeding, not just the lust inside, many are very delicious. At least try to find some that can fight back a little…as a way of challenging yourself.
• Those that mean you harm for nefarious purposes; These is tricky as some “good” beings just hate you for who you are and want to kill you, you may defend yourself. There are others that are true “evil” and will try to hunt you and your family and your kin for various reasons. It will be difficult to tell, I still have issues with it and I have been doing this for near 2 lifetimes

Last ting fore now; I have struggled with my own cravings. Early on it was difficult, but I was able to control them. There is one incident that haunts me still and may haunt till I am long gone. During a time of strife between your Mudder & me, I “lost it” sortof. While I am not sure what happened exactly, I do know that I lost control of myself and didn’t care as much to who got hurt and what feed my lust. While most were deserving of my need to feed, many were not. I paid a price for that and hope that you will not have to pay the same price.

Last ting, there are certain things that you will just know insectly. My hope is that my insectly will pass on to you, as it was passed onto me. I will right more as you grow and try to share more wisdom as it comes to me.

OH WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT, Seek one who is of higher power than you and seek the strength from them to help you with the cravings, you will be rewarded. Khonsu has helped me immensely.

Be well my Childs and May Khonsu Bless you,







Sent to Ansa for safe keeping and delivery to the Children of Ansa & Ursus

Bear cubs & Mother from Kids Britannica



  • This is some great insight into the mind and history of Ursus! It does make me wonder though… Have CrIsis ever encountered other werebeasts (other than Ansa)? That could make for some fun/interesting interactions.

    • Encounters with other Werebeasts would be interesting…however, encounters with Lycans would send Ursus into a rage and He would try to destroy them all, AND I mean Destroy…completely.

  • This was very thoughtful, well done.

    • He is trying to make the world a better place by teaching his offspring early…time will tell if it works

  • CrIsis encountered werebeasts before Ursus, and it did not end well for the werebeasts…
    Very cool log, loved the insight.

    • So Ursus’ memory just got jogged about a log he was force fed. He will have to research this.

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