…and sweating balls


Ursus takes a moment, while standing his watch as the others rest, to speak to his Masters & Gods


Great Traveler and Bringer of the Night, while both of you may be angry with me for talking…er…praying to each of you…um…well at least how I pray, I must pray…er…talk…um…whatever…with both of you. I know that I will not get an answer, and that it may seal my fate, at least if I make it out of Hades, but that is how Faith works. I have Faith that what I ask will be done as the both of you see fit, each in your own distinct and rightous way.



Master of those of us that are good in our hearts, You were the first to me, so I speak…pray to you first. I have been loyal and I have spread you amongst the world. I come to this Hell in your name to fulfill the task of bringing your Brother back to us all. I accept my death in this place if that is what comes. I beg that you grant my last requests. I request that my Bonded, and Childs are protected. I draw strength from my Faith in you to continue this fight, even though it feels like my balls are melting with every step I take. I take these steps in your name, your welcome. Praise be to you My Lord



Oh Great and Vengeful one, knowing you may decide to strike me down and I will have the same fate as Ferrel, for talking…praying to you directly, I have faith that what ever you decide will be for the mission. I have wielded your Flame and it has served CrIsis well. I wield it hope that your great strength will help us to achieve the mission and exact Vengeance on those that seek to keep Our Lord Osiris from being whole once again. Your strength is MOST powerful and I feel your strength while wielding your Flame. Those that face me, will face your powerful vengeance. I consider myself your weapon for Vengeance now. I request that you continue to allow me to be this weapon and to complete this mission. I have faith in you and will accept your choice. Praise be to you my Lady.


Now, to both of you. I have decided that both of you should be worshiped and I hope this doesn’t cause any issues between you two. My Faith is as large as I and I freely give this Faith to both of you. I know that this Faith will help you both grow and it will be returned to me in strength to finish this mission. It has been great talking…praying with you both. Thank you for listening to me. I hope to see you both, once I have completed this mission for you.


My Faith will always be strong in both of you.


Your loyal worshipper, Ursus

Khonsu symbol by Asar Un-Nefer

Bennu picture previously referenced in this site


9 Responses to “URSUS IS IN HELL

  • That is a powerful statement and I think you have earned the right to do with no repercussion. We are on the verge of achieving was has not been done since the closing of the Age of Light. Heroes to admired for all our faith and faults along the way.

    • You may be right, only Bennu (or the GM) can decide what She wants to do.

      • This is a great statement of Ursus’ beliefs. Love the log!
        As far as what they can do, this is a realm where they are very weak and very limited, so I hope nothing is truly expected, either positive or negative.

        • He just wanted to express his faith…of course in his own way.

  • Of course his balls are melting in Hades – they’re obviously made of steel to talk to Bennu like this!

  • …but not chocolate….except when making his FERRERO ROCHER offerings to two gods at once.

    • Thanks Twiggy- I just spit wine on my screen I was laughing so hard.

    • Yes, quite funny…quite funny indeed.

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