Growing the Faith


4th of Tola, 2nd year of the Rebirth.


The Reverend Titus, Priest of Khonsu, Church of Light, Nisi





Reverend, Good tidings upon your nights, I hope all is well with you and your leadership of Worship amongst our Brothers and Sisters that travel the night. I have a simple request this time and please feel free to refuse my request. You owe me nothing.


I know as a Demi-God it is important to spread my own faith, but One Demi-God can only do so much and will need others to spread his word. Therefore, I am asking you to become a Priest of the Demi-God of Monster Races. IF you feel this would offend The Traveller then feel free to deny my request. To me being one of my priests would be subservient to being a Priest of Khonsu, but would bolster worship of both.


Please take as much time as you need to chew this over and give it as much thought as possible. Also, if folks come seeking a blessing of Ursus from you, the Dagger I gifted to you may suffice in a minor Ursian blessing. I will let you know when I will be back in Nisi if some want to wait for a full blessing. Last thing, how goes the travails of the UrsiKnights?

Sent to Reverend Titus, in Nisi, via Magic Eagle.

Father Titus picture by C. J. Marsh



  • It’s tough when a priest has to choose between his God and his God-like friend. Hopefully he can serve both.

    • That’s what Ursus is trying to get across, The Worship of Khonsu comes first, but there are those that would worship both (kind of a group package) or just Ursus. Of course those that worship just Ursus, some would say they are “A few trees shy of a Forest”.

      • I will have to consider this, as it was Ursus that got Titus into worshiping Khonsu originally- and I am not sure how a God would react to a Demigod actively trying to recruit one of their priests….

        • Actually, he was a minor priest to Khonsu before he met Ursus. His former Owner recruited him to the faith. http://agodrebuilt.org/titus/

          Ursus was as clear as He can be that faith & worship to Khonsu is utmost and then worship of himself comes second. There is going to be cross over worship and it is not unprecedented to worship more than one God/Demi-God. Ursus is sub to Khonsu.

          • So does that make Ursus like a sub-contractor?

  • @Toko, yes he is a sub-contractor to Khonsu, doing his work on his behalf.

  • Likely, he may help him find his prime priest to begin flock building.

    • Yes, Titus doesn’t HAVE to say yes…He does have free will

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