Still can’t believe folks are buying into his Jazz.

5th of Uk Sak, 2nd year of the Rebirth, Kanáta’


The Reverend Titus, Priest of Khonsu, Church of Light, Nisi


Dear Father,


I hope that all is well in Nisi. I also hope you are enjoying the ceremonial dagger. I have news on 2 fronts. Thirst, His Dukeness has agreed to BUILD a Temple of Khonsu in Loins. Is not that wonderful? You may have knowing already. Also please let His Eminence Cardinal Keegan know, if he does not already. I am sure His Holiness has gotten word and spread it amongst the those that travel amongst the night. Seconds, I have converted a few Eoten to the Church of Light, specifically followers of Khonsu. While a seeming feet, I have had alot of influence in this Village after saving them from being sacrificed to The Vile One. So spreading the Church Wide & Far.


Events are progressive well with CrIsis. Another piece has found a resting place and the Broken One is that much closer to becoming WHOLE again.


I do have a request, well a couples. Thirsts, I am requesting you be present at the birth of My Childs so as its may receive a PROPER blessing from a true Priest of Khonsu. I have dabbled in ceremonies, but I just do what I feel He wants of me. There may be another Priest there, a request from my Beloved Beast, as I feel her being swayed to the worship of another. Of course, the word is out that “The Bear Man of CrIsis” is having childs. By Khonsu, I wish that all could realize that the Bear is WHAT I am not WHOM I am. That is just a vasal. Like a few months back at a very Fancy Pants party. I was human, EVERYONE wanted to see the bear. I felt it rude to my host for a spectrum. I wander. Seconds, I am requesting that you officiate my betrothal to my Amorous Animal. Again there may be other Priests involved, reasons stated as before. I am sure your thinking I should request this of His Eminence, but I thought that and a Cardinal has more pressing matters. I will invite him of course, but I feel I owe you more, for my shenagins in Nisi, which I influenced you into participating in.


Please right back soon and let us in CrIsis knows of the trails and tabulations of the goings on of Nisi


May Khonsu bless the Ursinites, ye whom who patrol the night, and those that seek rebirth.


Father Titus picture by C. J. Marsh



  • Loins is my new favorite from Ursus….

    • Personally I felt “seeming feet” was a particularly interesting phrase to envision.

  • It’s clear that he’s trying to grow and become more than what he was, endearing.

  • I always am trying to come up with New Ursufications, while trying to grow the character at the same time, very hard on the brain BTW

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