Ursus Resurrects Khonsu Worship

Everyone will get bloody by this

Bishop TuTu,

There are a couple reasons that I right to you; won, I really love this righting thing, I am able to express many things that I would not normally be able to, or be taken cerealis for any other time; too, I am wishing to expand the reach and faith of my fellow Khonsunites and I am hoping that maybe you could assist me.

From talking with my fellow Warriors of Isis, I understand that you are a devote follower of Isis, but I know of your deeds on Enry Isle. This is why I have decided to come to you. O, if this missive seems broken and static, it is because I have to use several differ methods to scrawl the woods on this pages, it is no easy task to this I do.

So I met a great artist while visiting the Obelisk in Nisi. I was very curious as to what I looked like in the eyes of others, as until recently, I have been a creature to fear, not revere (oh that is a kool word I just learned and I think it is a rhyme). After giving many hugs and shakes of hands to many worshipers about the Obelisk, I went up to the statues and noticed that there were a few artists painting and sketching the figures. I decided that maybe they would appreciate a live model and maybe it would help them sail there art. After they finished the works, I offered to otograf the art. All excepted. I even said to come back at dusk so I could otograf as the Bear. One of the artists invited EmEm and me to come to a diner, I mistunderstood a little, because I tried to include ALL of my buddies, but EmEm said that it was just a Khonsu thing as the artist was a fellow Khonsunite, SO I tried to be apoplectic and new I had plans to stuff.

So, that day I found a BEEF market, oh this meat is so AWESOME just as good as the piggy boar meat that I have come to love, but a much different taste and smell, OH wow it was so…O, wait, that is not I was trying to tell you. O K I was LOOKING for a boar market, but couldn’t find won, instead my senses lead me to this beef market. They were harvesting the COWLS for there skins and meats, so with EmEm and BigMack’s help I bought a whole live cowl for later and have a harvested cow for myself to eat later and maybe share. Turns out it actually lasted me almost a full day, not bad for a have. O, I think maybe we gave too much of the coins money to the guy, but maybe that is OK, beecus, if someone were to cheat us, maybe the Khonsu may not be as happy with them, if they were honest like.

So just before moon rise, I went and collected the cowl and met the artist at the Obelisk. I guess I look wired because everyone was starting at me while I lead the Bull around. I guess it was because I was bare and then I went Bear. (ok, I guess that is funny for some reason but I am not really sure y?) The Bull freaked a little, but I am more than strong enough to keep it in line. So I met the artists and signature there arts. Then EmEm, Keegan (the Khonsu artist) and me and the Bull went to his house for the dinner and ceremony.

Once we arrived at the artist home, there were too other couples there to meet us, at first they looked scared, but they seemed ok, after they realized I wouldn’t eat them.

Just before we were going to start the sacrifice, Keegan was asking about using the meats from the sacrifice to help feeds the farmers and families, but I was all “Tis not mine to give; Tis belong to Great Mighty Khonsu. For me to give, would take blessing oven Khonsu.” I have been practicing my elven and my dialect still comes out more giant. So EmEm said to go ahead and ask so I did (in giant this time, I wanted to make sure he understood me, I guess he probably always does, but I just think more clearly in the original language): “Hey Khonsu, I have a little question and favor to ask of you. I have brought this beautiful, delicious Bull to be sacrificed to you for your utter consumption. As I am told by these humble folks they like to go ahead and use the meat to help feed them and their families. I would be more than pleased to help feed these worthy folk, but it is not my place to offer what doesn’t belong to me. So I am asking that you favor these wonderful new worshipers with the gift of your sacrifice once you are completely done with it.” EmEm also was talking to Khonsu, (he calls it praying) I could hear him whispering under his breath. So a few minutes later a small Red Cardinal came fluttering down, landed on the bull, plucked a large tuft of hide from its back and fluttered off. I knew it was Khonsu because I saw a distinct marking on the side of the bird.

At the start of the ritual I instructed all to bring buckets, cauldrons and vessels and arrange them around the shrine and altar. I led the Bull up to the altar, grab it by the back legs and suspended it above the altar. I sliced off its head and let all the blood drain onto the altar and into the cauldrons. All present were thoroughly covered by the arterial spray from the beast. Once it was entirely bled dry, I placed the carcass upon the altar and completely gutted it; the guts went into a very large cauldron to be used by the folk as they wished. I pulled the heart and took a bite, offering it to all around, only a few took bites, EmEm being one of them. Once this was done, I instructed all to leave everything there in case Khonsu wanted to take anything else. We then proceeded to diner. No one washed the blood off as a sign of respect to Khonsu. During diner I said to them that they should use the blood to bless and fertilize their crops. Later as we were leaving, I deftly left A LOT of coins in the cauldrons as a donation and tribute to Khonsu.

Well I have blabbered on long enough, I shared this tale so that maybe you could help me find or determine who among the priests and worshipers of Khonsu that I could work with in growing the worship of Khonsu within Timiro and the rest of the realm. Is there an Abbot or Vicar of prominence or devoutness that I could make contact with? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

30th of Ka Da, year 1 of the Rebirth

This is an additional note that I wasn’t expecting to write. It has come to the attention of CrIsis that one close to one of us has betrayed us. My response and only thought was: “KILL THE BITCH!” Now, while I could carry out this deed, it may not be the exact right thing to do. Maybe you could assist in this matter. Maybe there is a curse in place or dark magic. By the blessings of Isis and Khonsu maybe this betrayal could be reversed. I don’t know, I would just rather not have to resort to the other solution, but I will carry it out if need be.

Bishop Tutu by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org
Bull picture from Rocking O Longhorn Ranch
Moon picture from iHorror
Cauldron picture from Home and Garden tips
Khonsu symbol from StarGate Wiki
Sacrifice picture from ClipArt

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