Now that had to hurt.

24th of Mik Na (I think, timey-wimey Horse Shite and all), 2nd year of the Rebirth, Fort Ac

The Reverend Titus, Priest of Khonsu, Church of Light, Nisi

Dear Father,

You are owed an apology from myself. Good with words, I am not. Being of action, I am. So, I have arraigned for a gift to be delivered to you by the Most Reverend, Bishop TuTu. It is a ceremonial dagger of Khonsu, which I have fashioned from won of my own claws.

If you haven’t received it yet, the dagger blade is my claw, the hilt is fashioned from the bones and fur that were removed with the claw. The blade is adorned with a Khonsu symbol on one side and the Torch symbol on the other. Please use it for all your ceremonies and sacrifices to Khonsu.

I fealt that a sacrifice on my parts was do. You, unknowingly, sacrificed your honor and faith to follow me in my in-jew-de-lick-cious (learned a new word from the Most Reverend Bishop TuTu) crusade against the Teroshians. While the crusade was warranted, the methods were not justified by the inns.

Moving forward, I feal it is still important to identify, and punish, the False Worshipers that participated in the Massacre, BUT, it must be done within the confines of the Laws of the Church and the Laws of Timiro. This is not to be an Inquisition. ThereFour I am requesting that you gather the Ursinites again. This time however, please attain full sanction from the Church AND the Local Constabulary. All members of the Band of Ursinites MUST pledge oaths of loyalty and fidelity, to you as the Leader, to the Laws of the Church and Timiro, to Khonsu’s Revenant, and to Khonsu. Additional recruitment is upon you and you alone. Only those that are worthy and faithful should be allowed enlistment into the Band.

If and only If you are willing: In addition to bringing sinners, Justicely, before the Law, I would also like to task the Ursinites with preventing further incursions by the ursurpers. To wit, scout and surveil those that wish harm upon innocents. Gather verifiable intelligence; to be passed only onto the Church. I don’t wish this intelligence to be passed onto the Local authorities, as Teroshians may half infiltered the ranks.

My last request for now: This is concerning special ceremonies dedicated to Khonsu. Recently, EmEm and Me performed a Blood Moon ceremony. I am requesting that you perform ceremonies that mimic ours on every Full Moon. Please research the proper procedure for such ceremonies or incorporate my procedure. Rare events (Blood & Blue) are special and should involve some of prominence.

My Khonsu bless the Ursinites, ye whom who patrol the night, and those that seek rebirth.

Father Titus picture by C. J. Marsh
Dagger pictures are from open sources and modified by LURCH6571

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