Ursus Visits the Library



2nd of Corg


Brudder Malkin,


I have decided to right to you again; although I have not received a response from you. I spent the entire day in the big library of Bleederad, VERY BORING, BUT I FOUND A BOOK. A special book that is, I took it to Tiny to have him read it as the only thing I recognized was the special symbol that crazy monk got stuck in my head. After such a boring day, I found myself feeling tired, even though the amount of moving I did normally does not tax me, very strange. Anyway, while Tiny and I were headed back we ran into the Solorarium crazies again, BUT this time they wanted peaceable interaction. Tiny & I agreed. In exchange for Mystery Man & Indaris, we would return the items taken from the prisoner that we released. With that taken care of I rolled the cart that our friends were in onto the ship and the others made sure they were OK and healthy. Interesting story of how they got into this mess, but I think I will let them tell you. Well I am almost out of words with this wondrous pen and I am trying to learn to count them. The last word of this sentence makes 250.




4th of Corg


Brudder Malkin,


Two more BORING DAY in the library but this time NO BOOK, I AM SO MAD I CAN’T FIND SUCH SIMPLE THINGS. The only pleasant thing for the day was my new friends the Monk Minions. All day long they followed me around picking up the books that I happened to drop. They were so nice, so I made sure I fed them all when it came time for meals, which is usually often with me. I pulled what scraps I had out of my bag and offered it to them. At first they were hesitant, but as the day wore on, they seemed to get more hungry and were very gratefully for my meager offerings. I didn’t share my magic pig for fear of losing it. That pig could come in very handy some day. I am going to cut it short here. I didn’t bother counting my words this time. I am way to tired from looking at books for 2 days straight.









5th of Corg


Bruther Malkin,


ANOTHER BORING DAY IN THE LIBRARY, and nothing to show for it. The only interesting event of the whole day was meeting Figbit & Lagram, two trolls. It was nice to speak to someone who was speaking the true language. I was just starting to like them, then they mentioned that they were Anubis worshipers, I almost ripped into both of them, but Tiny showed me patients. Oh, well. Maybe we shall meet on the battlefield one day. Well greetings to you again, and a good end of the day.









7th of Corg


Bruther Malkin,


Well it was a very interesting 2 days. We all attended a grand party in honor of … well US, CrIsis. I guess the former members started a holiday in their name. Since we were here it was expected of us to attend and great the folks. I was amazed at the numbers that attended. Joy and Fun was had by all.


That evening was much different. Several dozen Ratlings thought it would be a great idea to attack CrIsis. Well they learn a lesson, DON’T. With us holding off the group, Tiny brought thunder and lightning down upon the poor fools. I don’t think I have ever smelled anything so terrible as burnt rat flesh, and I have eaten the insides of great sea creatures.


The next day was back to the BORING library; I hope the rest get something out of any items I might find. When I entered, I was stopped by a very, VERY, slow talking orc. He was a little miffed at me for treating his minions, I mean Monks the way I was. We did speak in the great language, although his accent was very strange. Basically I was supposed to put every book I pulled from the shelves back where I got it from. I was sure, I will try my best, and he was all, NO TRY, only DO. Well he was a very odd fellow indeed, but I did DO my best. I wasn’t kicked out, so I guess I did well. Oh crap out of…









Picture of Trolls by Sumerky
Picture of Malkin and the Monk Minion drawn by AZ_Rune.


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