Vox Bardus

quill2Your Grace,

I do not know precisely what my companions have written, but I shall do my best to alleviate your concerns.

The turmoil in the East is of great concern to us, and we do now travel with all speed to join you at Haven that, Isis willing, we may together silence the warmongers and calm the fears of the people.

Know that we were compelled by the Gods to deliver Bafag’s Bane to the Pyramid at Sinza so that his Doom could be revealed, and the Work in Bizantium could progress more freely.

Know also that this was done by request of the God Algor and the God Kym-nark-mar, in addition to the command of the Gods of Light. We did not lightly forego immediately flying to your aid.

As to Ferrel’s “threat,” and the supposed “fractures” within the group, I beg you to understand that Ferrel is yet a lad with a high opinion of himself and a flair for the dramatic. Bafag’s Doom affected him greatly, and he got carried away on the wings of righteous enthusiasm. This misunderstanding is my fault entirely, as I instructed him to send you the letter, but did not think to dictate the text. Correctly did you deduce that his words were not representative of the group, and I am eternally grateful you did not deliver such an ill-timed ultimatum.

I do not claim to understand the twisty political corridors you must navigate on a daily basis, but I do understand the need for caution. In addition to myself, CrIsis is now comprised of Overkill, Gavin, Karma, Drauka, Tyvernos and Ferrel.

Rejoice in the knowledge that we have the favor of Many Gods, for by Their Wills we shall prevail.

Posted by Cava on the 14th of Algor, in the 342nd year of the Dominion.

Written in response to the log Threats?

Picture by Ariana, who is charred’s daughter.

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