Wakiw’s Letter

Magic Pidgeons, Away!!!!


Roggan miss Wakiw so much! Roggan sorry for not write Wakiw, but Roggan have a lot Roggan do with CrIsis. But Roggan write! Wakiw not write Roggan Once!!!! But Roggan happy. Roggan do something Wakiw tell Roggan about once. But that not the beginning. Let Roggan tell Wakiw what happen since Roggan leave Wakiw the night Roggan talk to Cow Lady. Wakiw can read about Roggan when CrIsis book comes out, but Roggan still want to send letter to Wakiw and want one FROM Wakiw, too.

Roggan meet CrIsis. CrIsis have a bunch of people. Mad people, Mean people, Happy people, Smart people, Scary people, Furry people, Big people, and Sad people. Roggan meet CrIsis in place called Haven. CrIsis party in Haven, and have people attack CrIsis. CrIsis leave Haven on Nicole, a river boat steered by Tyrie.

On the River, Jiddy ask CrIsis for help, and CrIsis get took to Scary Tower!! Roggan not like to talk about scary tower, have things there that hurt, mean things, scary things. Roggan die. Two times. Roggan glad CrIsis leave tower. It made of stone, but not normal Stone. Evil, magic stone. It not answer when Roggan call. But Roggan get special stone staff! Stone staff have runies and Roggan think staff have Enchantmies too. Roggan ask staff for light, and staff give light! Roggan not sure what else staff do for Roggan. But Roggan test staff out. Roggan wonder if Roggan can make bunny with staff. Stone bunny that hop like dancing rock friends. Roggan try this now! Wait for Roggan…

Roggan Staff not make Stone bunny. But make holes in the ground, if Roggan ask it to! But Roggan also have to hit ground with staff first.

Back to what happen to CrIsis and Roggan! So CrIsis get back to Nicci boat. Vandur the Giant left, and Navelo the scary holy man, too. Roggan not sure why people leave Roggan! Murodin leave Roggan. Roggan Parents leave Roggan. Ferrel and Karma leave Roggan. But Wakiw not leave. Roggan love Wakiw, and Roggan know Wakiw love Roggan. Rock friends not leave Roggan. Mud brothers leave Roggan, but come back, too. Roggan wish Wakiw could come with CrIsis.

After CrIsis get on the boat, CrIsis go to scary town. WHY CRISIS ALWAYS GO TO SCARY PLACES?!? But Roggan brave! CrIsis go into bar, to ask questions. But bad men want to hurt Gavin, so CrIsis defend Gavin. Mud Brother come for Roggan, and help Roggan defend himself. Roggan get hit, but make mean invisy blind with trick Wakiw teach Roggan. CrIsis go meet mean man, Sturgie, and Cava challenge him.

CrIsis go to Rivndy. CrIsis escape scary town, just to fly. Roggan not sure if Roggan like flying. Roggan not able to feel rock, earth, tree when Roggan fly. Roggan see Palladium, like one big Rock Friend below Roggan! The Earth is a Rock Friend!!! Roggan never think like this, not sure if Roggan like that idea. When CrIsis get to Rivndy, Roggan sleep in earth, like Roggan always did. Roggan need to feel close to Earth after flying.

Roggan dream about Cow Lady! Roggan always feel good when Roggan talk to Cow Lady. Cow Lady tell Roggan about Ritool. Wakiw, remember tell Roggan about Ritool? Roggan not very strong, then. Roggan now strong, Roggan grow. Roggan learn from Cow Lady. Roggan not sure Roggan want to do Ritool, sound scary! With Roggan blood, poor nice animal blood, clay. Roggan feel rock in Roggan stomach when think of Ritool.

Cava kill Sturgie in the morning. Roggan scared for Cava, but Cava win!! Roggan not see how. Roggan staring at ANUBIY! Anubiy there, to watch Cava and CrIsis. Roggan remember sick laughter when Roggan almost die two times. Two times, cackles. Two times, long nails, almost grabbing Roggan neck. Two Times, Anubiy almost get Roggan!! Roggan not able to move, not able to look at Cava. Roggan not sure why Roggan not fall over, Roggan feel so weak. Roggan feel like Roggan jump into Werjinn Lake in winter, and swallow it whole!

Then Roggan feel warm come from behind CrIsis. Roggan turn, and see Issy. Roggan feel better right then! Not feel cold. Roggan feel strong, not almost fall over! Roggan smile, happy at Issy. Happy at CrIsis, happy at Cava, happy at Anubiy. Anubiy not get Roggan. Not in the Tower, Not today at the Fight, Not EVER! Roggan fight Anubiy. Roggan fight for Issy, for Osiris. Roggan know what to do. Roggan do Ritool for Osiris. For CrIsis. For Issy. For Wakiw! Roggan make Golem!

After fight, Roggan ask CrIsis for time. Roggan need a whole day! Roggan scared, but Roggan… De-tur-mied… (Like Roggan new word? Roggan learn new word from Gavin. Gavin smart, like Roggan!) Cava kill Orcs, and bring blood to Roggan, but Roggan have to ask Cava for deer blood. Cava get upset, but still help Roggan. Tyvo tell Roggan he help with Golem.

Roggan like Tyvo, always help Roggan. Roggan think Wakiw like Tyvo if Wakiw met him. Tyvo ask about Wakiw… Mountains?… Roggan not sure what Tyvo talk about, but that why Roggan ask Wakiw! What Wakiw Mountains look like? Crazy Tyvo.


Roggan finish Golem!!! Roggan use a Gypsum Geode to make Golem named Gina. Golem turn out PRETTY! Roggan so happy with how Gina the Golem have white crystals, smooth rock, happy face. Wakiw should be proud of Roggan! Roggan make stone golem, strong for CrIsis. Roggan wish Wakiw could see Gina. That why Roggan make drawing of Gina. (Roggan not sure if letter even get to Wakiw. Magic Pidgey look sick and weak.)

CrIsis leave Rivndy, and go down the river again. Roggan get hurt with paralyzie arrows, and Roggan not do anything!! Even with Gina, Roggan get hurt. But Gina protect Roggan when Roggan sleep, or get attacked. Roggan miss Wakiw so much! Bye!

~ RockFriend Roggan.

>>As scrawled by Roggan on Corg 18th in the year 111, a letter sent to his friend and Warlock Mentor, Wakiw.<< Picture credits: Anubis on Throne- Classic Art Replicas.
Isis on Throne- Lucky Mojo.
Bottom Bird- Sayuri-Lilly.

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