War is Everywhere

Coordinated Effort


Yesterday, during the date which the Festival of Amon is observed, war broke out across Palladium. I am including the short notes I received from around the world requesting your personal intervention.

Your Holiness

I write you in a time of great need! War has broken out in Bizantium, and we, the people of Sinza, wish not to join any side, but are afraid that abstention is not an option!

As you know, the leader of Bizantium, King Wilgan has drawn all those that had been loyal to him, and defeated those and had loyalty pledged by those that had been loyal to me. He then made me Duke, a generous gesture, and I pledged loyalty to him.

Over the last few months he has been acting strangely, withdrawing from public view, and closing himself off to all Religions, even the National Religion, the Northern Religion. More and more, proclamations have been made by his wife, Queen Fala. Today I was ordered by the King, via pigeon, to immediately send troops to Gate Fort to join the war effort against the Shadow Coast! Supposedly the Colonies are responsible for the burning to the ground of the Royal College of Navigation, but there are those that feel that is a lie.

Please ask CrIsis to help us, in the name of my fallen cousin Overkill! Perhaps they can barter a peace!

Sent the morning of Gryphon 15, in the 2nd year of King Wilgan, by Duke Minischmee of Sinza.

Your Holiness

This is an official request to be forwarded to those in CrIsis!

My Friends-

Peace has been shattered! The timing, and the circumstances, along with the reports that war has erupted elsewhere on the same day, makes me doubt the validity of the report, but this is what has been reported.

A small town, Sweet Creek, which also holds an old Pyramid of Osiris, was decimated by the Wolfen tribe of Iron Claw! I am actually here in Sweet Creek, where I teleported with a friend of yours, Tiny. He states, with some certainty, that the only Wolfen body found was actually killed more than a month ago, but has some preservation spell. I am going to try to reach Chief Bodolf to try and get some answers! I also am trying to warn him, as curiously a large group of mercenaries and soldiers from Llorn were the ones that discovered this. They are on their way, with reinforcements coming, to engage the Iron Claw. They were being led by Duke VasPasseon himself!

Raulf I am sorry- I will do my best to keep your family safe, but they have never truly trusted me.

Please, CrIsis, go to Wisdom where the Council has already declared war! I will be there as fast as I can, but your presence may help avert the war before too much blood has been spilled to ever return to peace.

Letter from Bishop Rose on Gryphon 15, in the 344th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Your Holiness

I write this to you as now I have no way to directly communicate with CrIsis, and my last 24 hour pigeon sent to Xerx’ses was not received by him in Aracho. Please forward it to them.


The Terror is not the only danger in Timiro! Today we were attacked by the same Orcs as before! However, this time there are many other of the so-called “monster races” joining them, as well as many humans. They attacked in the south, from the South Winds, which we were not expecting. They have taken Fort Garr and the city of Rankin.

We shall overcome though- King Guy has called upon reinforcements from the North, and the guard in Credia will join the King in advancing upon them.

Let me know when you will be in Credia- I still await you here, and have important news to share that I do not dare send by pigeon.

Hope to have better news when next we meet-
Ondemeira the White, upon the 15th of Gryphon in the 3rd year of King Guy.

Dear U’Selekma-

I know that I could send this directly to CrIsis, but wish to follow protocol. Please forward to them.

Xerx’ses and CrIsis-

I appreciate the warning, although the treachery of the Middle Kingdoms was known to me. This note is to inform you that civil war has indeed broken out in our Empire. Not only has the minor skirmish in the Vequerrel increased, but the Middle Kingdoms, with support from many foreign mercenaries, have attacked.

Obviously there is little outward that I may do, but you have gained the trust of General Nos Ratha, and therefore Emperor Itomas. As his adviser I have also put in a positive word for you.

By joining the fight on the side of the Empire you would redeem yourselves for the debacle in the Isle. Please let me know your decision.


As you see, there are flames of war consuming each nation! I personally feel that you should continue on your essential quest, but ask you to make your own decisions, and write back to each personally! Please let me know if you are veering from your quest.

Please be safe- May the Light of the Gods of Light protect you from all of this violence!

Written by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk. Sent on the 16th of Gryphon.

Picture from Zeen84.


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  • Perhaps the second most important log from the GM in the game….

  • Did all these people ever get written to, I wonder?

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