War On The Horizon

Fear in the Devils Eyes

In response to the log, War Imminent-

Bishop Rose (if I may be so informal),
Ours has been a extremely difficult task here in the North. Though talks of war have not reach my ears, I apologize that I have been busy with the task of my life. As for your request of the next piece of Osiris coming to Eastern Territories, I can concur that I do not want war and that I will ask of my companions of its safe delivery to New Haven. I do not need to emphasize the weight that of your request as we are heading towards a land so damned that to turn back and return it will take effort but I am certain that my ‘family’ will agree that it is for all of Palladium, and that it is necessary. The Lord Goddess Isis has requested that we detain our task of Osiris temporarily with one task that is equally as dire about a weapon so heinous that could undo our mission if we fail. We know that we will be entering Wolfen states but I pray that our citizenship will carry us and give us safe passage.

You do not know this (or perhaps you do) but I am a Wolfen citizen thanks to King Avramson and the thought of my king at war worries me. The fact is, my friend, I hope that you consider me such, a war between the countries that I have grown to love worries me.

Thank you for the congratulations on the birth of my daughter. Though I have not seen her I am certain that she will recognize me when I come. No doubt she will have her mothers eyes and my hair.

I should tell you that my cousin has joined our little adventure temporarily and is a fine sailor though he has had troubles with Robert the Just as Schmee was a pirate captain and Robert was a Navy captain. Both know the rules and have served me well. Recently we were stranded on an island and though the two gave each other the stink eye knowing that they serve someone that they trust has kept the enmity low and the spirits high. This trip has brought us closer to the Land of the Damned than I have ever been and though I am worried of demons and devils, I know that the Gods of Light are with us.

We encountered a storm unlike any other that threw the ship and tore it asunder and when the sun came up we didn’t know where we were (and I am still not certain.) The team used their survival skills and began working on supplying us with water, food, and shelter, when we encountered a bunch of little shi…children. After attempting to communicate we found that Chip spoke their native tongue. We would of enlisted their help when we were interrupted by I think demons (Chip said that they were mutants; what ever that is; demon says I). At any rate, they gave us a glorious battle and though I have not used all my swords in quite a while (I only have two hands) the sword I affectionately named Hot Lips still got some combat thanks to the young man Gavin. After we slew them we proceeded to find where they came from. The wild children ran off so we assumed that they were safe. We should of though more about our actions as we had left Mini and Morgan at the ship. Chip in his usual fashion went to investigate the volcano on the island while we went trail blazing.

I can tell you that the ‘mutants’ (that’s a funny name) had done some great work in creating a path, not great (the centaur had some troubles) but a means of travel none-the-less. When we arrived at what we though was their layer we discovered that they (or perhaps someone) had created not a living place but was mining the island for something. When we looked into it we discovered trace amounts of precious metals. We suspected that perhaps these ‘mutants’ (I still say demons) were protecting their discovery and died doing it. After looting the mine (I do not feel safe to tell you what was in there, only it was most valuable). We headed back to the ship only to find our comrades were not there. Those little shi…. children had taken our comrades. Thanks to the ranger we were able to follow a second trail that escaped our attention because of the distraction that was those ‘mutants’. Following close behind we found a village.

Now wild children or not, these clever bugger had created a civilization of sorts with no parents (how I do not know). When they saw Chip who they thought was a god, (well they did refer him as such) or the god (perhaps they do not know of the gods and warship a single deity like Aco; the goddess of children), they then let us in their makeshift town. I would have to say that though I have lived for a few days with barbarians I cannot say that I was comfortable with them all being as tall as I.

When they met us the insisted that we (well mainly Chip or God) meet the king and queen. I thought “How quaint that these little bast…. heavenly little children have a king and queen. Much to my surprise, it was Morgan and my cousin Mini. Well with the possible damage or the volcano and the two sitting on thrones acting weird things were getting a bit tense. We dare not just tear them from their throne of bones (yea I forgot to mention that, bones, children’s bones were used to create the cursed thrones that those two adults were sitting on). Gavin pulled his sweetheart off with a light force and she snapped out of it. Well I wanted to join him on that but he was pointing to the mine that laid behind the throne. Chip who had joined the team told us not to go in there and that there was a great evil there. Well I did get Mini to snap out. The two didn’t have a recollection of what happen from the moment that they sat down on those thrones. I would have destroyed the monstrosities but we had other things to worry about; getting off the island.

The trip back to the ship was not much of a trouble as there was no little shi… children attempting to worship and/or kill us but we still had no food just water.

Well thank you Cava and S’Erith (don’t ask me to pronounce it) our companion that replaced the place of Rell, had supplied food for the team while the rest of us fixed the ship. Thankfully we have a large collection of carpenters on the team. By nightfall, the ship was ready to sail of course we have now 47 new companions (heaven forbid that we ever leave a bunch of monkeys… er… children alone on the island).

To say the least we have a lot to do. Forgive me we will do our best; the load is heavy but we will do our best. Pray for us- we are weak but our spirits are willing. We will help save the Eastern Territory but it will take time. Delay the war in any way possible.


Sent to Bishop Rose on the 26th of Selestra, in the 23nd year of King Bafag.

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  • Wow, a very “Lord of the Flies” story here.

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