We Submit


It would seem that there are some who would think that CrIsis does not respect the authority of others. I feel that this can’t truly be accepted as a reality. I respect you, and always have. True, I treat our relationship lightly, occasionally, and I will even occasionally joke with you.

However, I have always recognized you as a leader in a church that I follow.

It may not be the authority of the church that we are said to flaunt. Do we bowl over local authority? Sometimes, but only when it truly pushes us to the extreme. I seem to remember an entry in one of the books where Overkill submitted himself to the authority of a city, a time when Rell attempted to represent him. Oh, yes, it was in Me’zfii Onh. Overkill was on trial as a pirate. Rell was instrumental in stalling the trial so that Overkill could be exonerated.

In Llorn they were accosted by a pickpocket and street performer who called the guards down upon them. Instead of attacking the guards, or fleeing the scene, they explained the problem. The thief and master actress was arrested along with most of the thieves’ guild in Llorn.

In New Crests CrIsis sat in jail for a night awaiting trial, and then sat before a tribunal. It ended up being a misunderstanding, but they understood that it was for justice, and for the laws of the land and that they would be vindicated in the end. That the dark was behind this trial should have put them off doing anything of the sort in the future, and their reticence to submit to secular authority should be understood, but they did prevail, and they did submit themselves to these authorities.

CrIsis does submit to Justice.

In almost every port CrIsis has paid the sometimes extravagant fees that the dockmaster has charged. They have followed local customs and laws. They have in all ways done their best to follow authority.

It is true that Gavin did attempt to initiate a world wide slave revolt, but then again, that was Gavin, an individual whose example has not been followed since his retirement from CrIsis.

I think the problem happens when CrIsis suspects that it isn’t justice that is motivating the people they are dealing with.

There is much talk of the corruption that rules much of the Western Empire and the bureaucracy that rules there. There is a price of doing business that requires greasing the wheels. It requires money, and that is just the way that nation is. Were I to be stopped by that bureaucracy, I would do what is expected; I would pay my way past. It’s all that can be expected of us.

Corruption is in the eye of the beholder, so I have to only assume that disrespect of authority is in the eye of the beholder as well.

We are CrIsis. Our only authority is not of this world. We were formed by the gods. This does not put us above the purely secular authority of this world, but it does put us separate from it. We are wanderers without home beyond the ship within we most often reside. No nation will protect us should we step aside from this task, not matter what reason they offer. We shall not step aside from this task. Should it be for justice, we will temporarily stop our progress.

Should it be to knock us from our course we shall fight with every strength of our minds and bodies to break through all obstacles to our goal; the reconstruction of the God.


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