We Won a Battle

Dear Indaris,

You will be relieved to know that your beloved Nara has been returned to normal. The priest of Taut that was responsible for her mind wash has been punished as by the Agreement, and.rules have been clarified. From now on the punishment for breaking the Agreement will be dealt directly by the Gods!

The Pontiff himself assisted in the cleansing of Nara, and shared with me the terrible suffering of Ra himself! Please be wary, for it seems as the calm before a storm, and I am afraid the Gods of Darkness will strike at you directly soon.

The Pontiff wishes to add that he sent the extra members along as the threat was great, and those aligned against you were many. There will be no other assistance except in great need.

I look forward to hearing of your triumphs, and to see you again!!

Fair thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis’ Torch Light Your Way!
Father Philip
Sent on the 28th of Thoth in the 2nd year of King Guy of Timiro.

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