When Will I Embrace You Again?

My Whip is Cold Without You



My Darling,

You stated previously 11 days ago that you would bring yourself and the rest of CrIsis to Caer Itom soon- when will that be? I miss you darling, and want to give you a proper welcome.

The Empire has need of CrIsis! We are losing the war it seems! Many slaves have thrown off their chains and bonds, and have joined the Middle Kingdoms– you would never do that, would you? You are free now, you do know that I hope. I just hope that you come back to me soon, and then fight the Darkness that is the Middle Kingdoms.

There is rumor that on the Day of Set a frightening offensive will occur at the heart of the Empire- I hope that you are here to protect me then!

Forever in Bast,, glad you still want me….

Sent late on the 31st of Grekar in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas to his His Holiness, who forwarded it to Grignak.



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