When Your Faith Can Crush You

The Courtesan’s Pilgrimage – Part 2

Luther had been having the trip of his life! Last month he had spent two nights with the most amazing 7 foot tall Elven beauty and had his father treated like a king! His father, Conrad Berthold, was a Priest of Light, that had taken to favoring Osiris and Horus because of the divine father and son relationship. For awhile focusing on those passages in the Book of the Ma’at had been a great deal of help to the small parish he gave counsel to outside the southern walls of Llorn. It was rough on Luther when all the faiths had been evicted and his family lost everything including his mother in the purge to guards and wanton violence. Father Conrad refused to leave the area and throughout the whole time the Duke had been controlled by the demon they had stayed and provided a ministry to those in need regardless of faith. More than one priest of Rurga owed their life to Father Conrad. Luther wanted to see him rewarded for so long. He began going into Llorn and working as an enforcer of the various gangs to bring news to his dad. He saved all the coin he could and at his own risk skimmed a great deal from the gangs he worked for.

When the war ended he had hidden away 16,483 Eastern Crowns. Most of it was actually the two gem encrusted Old Kingdom Dragon Coins each worth 5,000 Crowns in Eastern Gold. When CrIsis had appeared on the scene Luther was told by his father that they would go on a pilgrimage to every place CrIsis had gone that they could get to. With neither of them having never been to Sekti-Abtu, seemed like a good place to start. The Holy City seemed very safe to his father and they bid their flock goodbye when a new batch of Priests and Priestesses showed up from Wisdom. The new clergy had taken up a collection and paid for their sea voyage to Lopan. While Luther had been working as an enforcer he followed the tales of CrIsis and paid money for second or third editions of the Books of CrIsis reading them, thanks to being taught by his father, made him begin leaning to Horus and Isis because of his late mother’s passing. He also began trying to emulate all the favored Crisis members with a pirate cutlass and captain’s coat. When Father Indaris the Seeker joined he had half of the inner lining of his coat altered to red and white stripes for the colors of the priest’s goddess. Then he had lightning bolts added to the remaining blue side because of how much Xerx’ses the Golden used it.

Now a month, one Scroll of Teleportation presented to his father by Cardinal Keegan of the Church of Khonsu, later and they were standing in Nisi! After the bar fights in Sekti-Abtu for the Tale of the Courtesan’s Pilgrimage he had a Dwarf-made cutlass, a medallion of Protection from Magic, a scroll case with maps of the World, and another case with two scrolls that would allow him to cast Firebolt and Tongues. They had gotten a room that day but now at dawn his father had drug him out of bed to go see the Obelisk of Osiris! He had been praying with his father when the shops began opening and he went to get to cups of Breakfast Stew while his father continued to pray before the Golden Statue of the Unyielding Strength of Osiris, and Demigod of light!

After he had finished and returned to his prayer Luther took the cups back to the tavern. Upon Luther’s return he saw him look to his side and then feint!!! Luther began running only see Xerx’ses the Golden waving at his father! That’s why his father had fainted, a Demigod had acknowledged his existence! Luther began shouting “CRISIS!!! CRISIS IS HERE!!!” so he could reach his father and get him to a nearby bench. Father Conrad came to quick enough and begged his son to go see the living god that had come into their presence. When Luther asked why because of the crowds his father told him this would be the closest thing to touching the Heart of Osiris in the Antes Temple! Understanding the importance of this to his father Luther began to make his way in the crowds to try and touch the holy Minotaur of Osiris. In bar fights back in Lopan, Luther had the room to move, duck, and dodge. In the masses trying to crush inward upon CrIsis he was far less prepared. He wound up getting trampled just after Xerx’ses had landed from flying around his statue. The cries he let out were actually heard by the golden haired Minotaur with skin as pink as a human.


Soon he could see light once more as people fled and Luther was battered and bruised. Knowing he had seen worse Luther was thrilled to have been rescued at that moment before it got any worse. What stunned Luther was his savior, Xerx’ses! As he was lifted up from the ground to standing a warm golden light ran down Xerx’ses arm and covered Luther in golden light.

‘Are you okay?’

Luther could hardly believe he was speaking to a Demigod, “Y-y-yes, thank you.” All Luther could do was stand as those warm eyes looked at him and he smiled before standing to rejoin his friends. It wasn’t long before the crowds were dispersed and Luther was soon found by his father, “Luther, are you all right?”

“Father he healed me! He is so kind and warm! I may not make a good priest but what do you think about becoming a Holy Warrior or better still a Witch Hunter of Xerx’ses?”

Father Conrad beamed at his son, “I’m proud of you my boy, but that means a trip to Credia to see the Bishop.”

Luther turned to his father, “CrIsis has its mission and now I have mine. I want to be a Witch Hunter of Xerx’ses. I swear it!”

That evening they headed west toward the First Pyramid of Osiris and Luther’s future.

Seen by Rod Rambler night of the 24th of Grekar in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

All art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org


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