Where Did You Go?

Mysterious Escape


I watched as the Zombie Guards of the terrible, but inappropriately named, Steve surrounded you. I was in the “Story Tree” and quietly made myself intangible, and prowled down the tree, ready to strike a surprise blow. I saw the Priest perish. Just feet from the ground, weapon at the ready, prepared to jump, you all vanished! Where did you go?

I have returned to the Middle Kingdoms and am observing the Quarry. I have just arrived, and Civil War in the Western Empire has been fully engaged! The power of the force that the Middle Kingdoms has arrayed is quite substantial- far more than expected. While the main force was engaged with Empire troops, a second force, led by humans but made up mostly by the Monster Races, has taken all of the Old Kingdom Frontier! The only place not taken, by accounts I have received, is the ancient stronghold of Shandala.

I will report more in a few weeks! Please write to me and let me know your progress!

Remember, neither of our spirits will be granted rest until He is gone.

Sent from No Name’s mentor, Logan

Picture by Florian Schmidt.

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