Whom to Trust?

A letter to the Bishop

Bishop Rose Nodeki,

I don’t trust you. Not because who you are. You’re a priest of Light and Dark however your company has burned me off so bad. It surprises me that you haven’t known that your ‘advisor’ has tortured and hunted CrIsis down. We have tread through the hell that is Yin Sloth and nigh heard a word from you warning of your adviser, the one formerly known as Zizean. Now I know that you don’t keep constant track of what they do in their off time but I would have hoped that you would have picked more selfish characters like that of Thoth (Thoth is awesome). Yes someone like Thoth is a bit self centered and works under his own direction but he at least knows not to back stab those that will benefit him.

Bishop, I don’t know what to say. I tread through tezcats, jaguars, chimera, orcs, and that was this month alone. We have been without Tyvernos and why, because he was in the hands of your advisor! I want to cuss and swear at you so bad; I want to punch you so bad. Alas I won’t because of my dear wife’s return. That’s right I said wife. I am certain that your prayers and your own suffering has been enough for what you do for CrIsis. I am not sure what you have contributed lately and I will not judge as I am certain that you have done what you can in your circumstance.

The balance of light and dark is heavily tilted to the dark; I certain that you are aware of that. What can I do to trust you again? Mary told me to trust you; I struggle so badly. How can I? What shall I do? Because of who you associate with our mission was compromised and my Mary and others paid for it. Your ‘trusted’ adviser is still running free and I am not even sure if you are taking his word. I know that you claim secrets from your advisers but what of the dark gods? Are they privy to your thoughts, hopes and desires? If so then my letter may as well be in the hands of the dark gods; all of them. I can’t allow that. I feel that this might be my last message to you. Other members of CrIsis might write but alas I will not.

Perhaps we will be trusted allies again,


Written by Overkill on the 29th of Majestic the 1st year of King Wilgan.

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