Worldwide Plot

The Dark Tries to Take Over Palladium

Dear CrIsis,

While you were here I was absorbed with duties of the King, hunting down my enemies, finding new advisers, and settling in to the greatest role of my life, that as King Gedro. It was my first day as King, and rather hectic- I am sure that any of you would have been overwhelmed. So, that being said, there were some items of import that I had not shared with you.

My archenemy Walrue, who I dispatched easily, because I am awesome, had some things to say before he perished at my hand. He told of a plot by Anubis to take over leadership of Palladium in key places, so that not only would they control the world, but prevent CrIsis from rebuilding Osiris. He also said that the Church of Light and Dark would be controlled by the dark.

Oh yeah, and there is not a new Raksasha tail in my collection. It escaped before we could capture it.

Must attend to my subjects. Good luck to whoever took my place- you have big shoes to fill. They need a lot of protecting….

Posted by Gavin on the 16th of Ra in the 9th Year of King Gedro- aka King Gavin! (that’s me)

Image from Pageboy.

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