Would You Consider Being A Librarian?

Or Perhaps a Politician?

Dear Apis’ Luminary

You sir, are aptly named, for your letter shone a bright illuminating light on how much things have changed with CrIsis! I have never received such a well written missive from a member of CrIsis. Your letter to me was humble, and talked of how I may assist you, rather than a demand for random knowledge. You sir should be commended!

I will definitely perform your requested research into Hades, and its Lord, Modeus.

A few illustrations of illumination for you and the rest of your compatriots.

First, please let Ursus know that his Beloved is safe and well. She is due with their offspring on the 13th of Kym-nark-mar.

I have much to report on my trip to see the God Lictalon, but I trust not the mere pigeon that I send to you….

Perhaps your friends at the Magic Guild have solved that issue?

May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 30th of Selestra in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire.






Picture of Malkin by our own AZ Rune.


5 Responses to “Would You Consider Being A Librarian?

  • Wait for it eagle messages are coming! Stay Tuned!

  • Ha! Silent Dream, a librarian? Maybe in another life…

    • It is one of the ultimate compliments from Malkin….

    • Could be worse…Ursus as a librarian…Well there is that one show…

  • Seems like a back handed comment towards the rest of CrIsis: “Hey, can you act more civil than your nature allows?”

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