Writing Mom

Hey Mom,

I am doing fine. I am on a quick mission to rebuild Osiris, but we are almost done so I will be back fairly soon. I found Bilby. He is joining me on the road. He makes an excellent roadie. He is growing quite fond of Black Thunder. I have become a musician too. I invite you to all come see my next concert. I will include a secret message on where that will be. Bring the entire family. It will be great. My other vocalist has grown to like me it seems. I will have you meet her at the concert. She is a neat gal. Anyhow if you want you all could come visit us on the ship. It would be fun to get the family and all the eagles out here. The skies are quite sparse. Anyhow I need to run. Take care.



6 Responses to “Writing Mom

  • Will he ever have a greatest hit.

  • That’s what the Shield of Light needs – a family of eagle riding Gnomes! No, that wasn’t sarcasm. I want to see this happen!

  • Thunderbirds …errr Eaglebirds are a go!

  • Seems a bit “ungrateful” to just send a “quick note”

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