You Are So My Beloved


May the wind always be at your back
and the sun always upon your face
and may the wings of destiny
carry you aloft to dance with the stars

What a flattering thing to say, and your picture of me, without my flaws, even more so!

I wanted to update you on the happenings here at the Obelisk, and with approval of Father Philip.

First, on a selfish note, I am nearing the end of my training. With our relationship, I have the opportunity to choose where I am stationed. Where would you like to settle when your time with CrIsis is done? Would you like to settle here at the Obelisk, in Credia, or somewhere else? I await your decision. Wherever you are I wish to be!

There was a shaking of the Obelisk recently! Father Philip, with consultation from Bishop Tutu (you never told me how sweet he is- what a dear!) and His Holiness has determined it came from the secret chamber, where only CrIsis may go! I do not pretend to know what this means, and Father Philip seems to come up with a new theory each day.

Most of all, I miss you. Write to me again soon! I am on Ma’ip because of your last letter! Hope there is fun amongst all the danger, and know you are loved….


Sent through his holiness U’Selekma on the 18th of Majestic in the 3rd year of King Guy.

Picture from krzysztof20d.


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