You Will be Here Shortly Right?

About Time You Visit!

Proposed Life Mate

The Learned One hath informed me that you have just escaped Haven in the nick of time. Of course you will journey here to see me next, if I assume correctly.

The Learned One, who has taught me these beautiful words, has advised me to remind you that you should not approach the great stronghold of The Southern Watch in the same ship you left Haven, for they will have a blockade set for your capture. Yet another reason you should arrive here shortly.

The Learned One has a message for you too great in importance to deliver via pigeon, but says it concerns bad news about the Strange Elf. This is an additional reason to see me, correct?

Looking forward to an expeditious visit!
Your Proposed Life Mate, the one whom clasps your children within her.


6 Responses to “You Will be Here Shortly Right?

  • Is this even the same girl? Those are some words he taught her…

    • I love the changes and this is an interesting direction to see her go.

    • Yes, She is becoming the “smart” one in the relationship, hopefully Ursus can fill the “wisdom” role in the relationship.

  • Well, we did show up rather quickly I think, LOL.

  • Yes, within 24 hours is rather quickly….and thank you Dream, she has changed quite a bit…

  • I am fairly certain if Ursus had known how close Y-Oda was he may have jumped ship and swam there, of course he basically “strong-armed” CrIsis into going…When was the last time Ursus “called a meeting”. Talk about “Out-Of-Character”, and I’m not talking the META sense.

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