Your Child Will Be Born Soon

The Final Countdown


Thank you so much for your recent message! You killed a God?!? I am not worthy, but I am so proud! You are the greatest warrior in all the Land! I cannot wait to spend some genuine time alone with just you! Hold off on these other wives until we can feel married ourselves, I beg.

Perhaps it is just my mood, for it has been rather like jumping from cave bottom directly up to desert floor, and then rapidly back. I do write with good news! Your child will be born in 2 weeks! I can feel it, and know for certain. I hope that you can be here for a few days, and meet your child!

Looking forward to seeing my Lord-
Your Wife







6 Responses to “Your Child Will Be Born Soon

  • Minotaurs have babies real quick!

  • Absolutely a strange situation- half the normal time for birth…

  • L: “Hey Hun, yeah it’s time…”

    X: “Time?…Time for what?”

    L: “Yeah…it’s TIME!”

    X: “oh…Oh…OH…You mean it’s THAT TIME…Already?…UM…UH…WHAT DO I DO!…WHAT DO I DO!”

    For those that DON’T have kids, this is a conversation that almost all parents have had at point in there lives.

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