In my youth I was given a choice, and it was a simple one. I could either be a cause of destruction and follow in the path of my parents and their parents or I could forge a new path in this world and create instead of destroy. My life was devoted to preservation as an archaeologist and an anthropologist. My magics were such that I could protect and serve life, not death.

Turning to Apis was yet another area in which I attempted to follow this path of creation and not the darker path of destruction. *I am become death the destroyer of worlds.*

Your last letter found me and it perplexes me also about my father’s meaning, if he intended to bring back the time of a thousand magic’s what changed his course for better or worse? I wonder of his madness surely the pursuit to prevent the prophesy of your own downfall can only lend to its fulfillment. I want to hear more of him to build a picture in my mind of this man and hear his story to understand his place and motives. I also want to assure you that I could never forget what it is to be a druid, it’s not an occupation for me it’s who I am. I simply am what I am you can’t forget your a rock or a elf. I’ve never been very traditional but then I always knew my life was meant for something a little different. We make our mark from place to place, we have endorsed businessmen who have shown their care for their animals, I have been privileged to be allowed to sleep beneath the branches of the most sacred tree that is the hub of the Guild of the White Ash and delighted in the parks of Lopania with my own kind. I have not stayed in any place to educate but I have no doubt that the success of our mission will save a billion lives and pain to our natural brethren by preventing multiple wars that will take our brothers as collateral without hope. This end is my single minded pursuit, but when Osiris is done with me my body I will serve in more traditional ways once again returning my spirit and nourishment to the earth or gods willing to learn again and spread the wisdom where I may.

I have little time to write but I will share something of our last foray. It seems so few days ago we were headed for the Isle of the Cyclops by sea. I feared it would be our greatest challenge yet and that some of the family might not see the return voyage. The gods have traded Azariel for a new member as our voyage began and it is hard to see the wisdom in it, I fear we will miss him dearly on this trip but I trust their minds see far beyond what I do here. In the Vequerrel there were many things that stood me apart from our other tribesmen but one in particular for which they pitied me openly. I could never shift to the myriad forms in which they reveled, trapped not unhappily on my part to my dearest companion’s side in canine forms. I have told you of my ascendance but I did not mention the specific growth that has taken place as I’ve progressed. The form of our skyward charges has become my own also and whilst still limited the joy and true connection I feel with this world is not diminished by any restrictions or view of our tribe. It was sailing the wind current above our sea vessel that gave me back strength for the days ahead, the spread of wing and caress of the breeze wiping petty worries for a time. During this trip we were briefly plagued with spectacular dreams of complete nonsense and insanity but awoke with another part to show for the surrealness of it all. I find my mind struggling to encompass these new realities but stretching nonetheless. The gods also sent us two previous members of Crises I had never met, Tyvernos Oriflammes and Jidian Kulder which only made me fear the difficulty of our current target even more. Had it been under other circumstance I would have drilled both for stories, in particular Jidian was quite fascinating his experience as a ranger in the North something I would like to have learned more of. The rest of the voyage was much more mundane and we soon found ourselves in Trade Port hunting a necromancer of no small stature. I thought myself beyond surprise until I came upon a druid there whilst staying in a hotel kennel. He devoted his time to the care of the occupant’s animals returning each night to the woods. Seeing his brave practice of the druidic ways in this place that seemed so devoid of anything good was inspiring and I want you to let the others know we have brethren so far away that you might druid speak to at some time.

Unfortunately our cover was found wanting and we were forced into immediate action before we were fully prepared the resulting destruction of multiple buildings and some collateral henchmen an extremely lucky outcome to the potential disaster. It sounds so brief in writing but that does not imply how close so many of our lives threads came to ending. Whilst knowing the gods cannot directly influence events I still feel some unseen hand shielded and guided us through this day granting us a near miracle in success. I send out my thanks into the ether, we now voyage away from that Isle I imagine the waves washing it clean one day scoring the evil from its living backbone. May nature one day re-inherit that land and our brethren be keep safe unto that day.

Sending my love Cami

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Picture by Dez Pain

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  • What struck me the most reading this after Asher’s was that our current society in the U.S.A. would call CrIsis a terrorist organization. A great log more food for thought.

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