Zorrus Speaks

I am lost. Ever since the last time I promised myself I would not allow my heart to go to someone who would not be able to return it. Once again, however, my easy-going nature has betrayed me.

Annenwen is easy on the eyes, for a human. She’s missing a couple of pairs of arms to be perfect, but then, no one is ever perfect. Beyond her appearance, however, she cooks. That is probably the most attractive feature to me. It takes a lot of food to feed a metabolism like mine. Annenwen got that, and she was always happy to feed me when I showed up.

When I arrived there that day, well, she had something else on the menu and I was more than willing to eat the meal on offer. I should have politely declined. Something changes in a relationship when you take that step, and taking that step let me see Annenwen in a new light.

Unfortunately for me, the light of her eyes was illuminating the face of another. He’s oblivious to her attention, but I would expect no less from a member of CrIsis. They should be above the petty desires of this world and seeking the reunification of the parts of Osiris.

I refuse to get involved in another love war, even over someone like Annenwen. The only question that remains is where am I going to get my food if I’m avoiding her.

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  • I love this !!!!! Many of us have had such an affair for better or worse. This is a wonderful perspective.

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