Location of the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. The following members of CrIsis are honorary members of this guild- Overkill, Ja’Deir, and Indaris. Both Xerx’ses and Tyvernos are pledged members.

The Tri in Tri-Arcanum stands for the 3 types of powers- Weavers, or magic, which is run by Kel-ed. Gifted, or blessed magic, covering priests and warlocks, run by Wesvon Mardeen. The last is the Psionics, run by the Lady Charolyn Korath.

Wisdom is the “unofficial” capital of the Eastern Territories, home to the Charter of Dominion. It is known as the City of Learning, home to scholars and scientists as well as the Tri-Arcanum. It is home also to King Hafton and the Royal College of Navigation.

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