Wolfen Empire History



The Wolfen and their allies dominate the region referred to as the Northern Wilderness. The Wolfen Empire is the youngest kingdom on Palladium, and one of the fastest expanding.

Population: 8,000,000- 5,000,000 Wolfen, 1,000,000 Coyle, 150,000 Kankoran, 250,000 Humans, 100,000 Dwarves, 1,000,000 Others Of course, this population is spread throughout the Northern Wilderness and the Disputed Territory, so it is a huge area.
Capital: Shadowfall
Ruler: None, Republic with no Emperor
Government: Representative Republic
Law: Laws vary from tribe to tribe.
Armed Forces: Giant army, perhaps the largest on Palladium. Small, but quickly growing, Navy.
Religion: There is no official religion. Some tribes are very devout, while others are not. The most common are the Northern Religion, Druidism, Church of Light and Dark, and Fenry Deevil worship.
Special Notes:
Cities: The Wolfen are still a tribal people, and are very spread out over a large area. The largest city, the capital Shadowfall, has 105,000.
Tribes: Most wolfen think in matters of tribe first and foremost. They are proud of the empire, but when push comes to shove the tribe always comes first.
Disputed Lands: The lands north of the Great River are claimed both by the Wolfen Empire and the Eastern Territory. Skirmishes in this area are common, but all-out war has thus far been averted. The only place not in dispute is the island of Y-Oda because it welcomes all as a safe haven.
Slavery: The wolfen do not like slavery. It is only practiced with prisoners of war, and if the prisoner swears fealty to the Empire they are released, but watched.

24th of OD, the eve of HORUS Day, 71st year of the Great Wolfen Empire; Peace has come to the Empire. Praise be to Bodolf the Bold for leading the way and striking a peace deal with the Easterns. This peace came at great cost to many of the Iron Claw tribe, especially to the Great Chieftain; for his youngest son provided the spark for peace. By his actions the Prince sacrificed his family ties and any hope of ever seeing his home again. The Great Chieftain effectively banned his son from ever setting paw in the Great Empire; for if he does peace will fall like the ashes of the dead. Praise Taut that peace shall remain.

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Cities and Towns in the Wolfen Empire

Tribes and Kingdoms in the Wolfen Empire