Zizean is conniving even for a Jinn. He “advises” Bishop Rose Nodeki, whom he treats as a dithering idiot. He twists her words and belittles her attempts at reaching out to unify the Church of Light and Dark.

Cava once told him to “abra-ca-shut up,” which seemed to offend him for some reason.

See the adventure logs Letter from Haven and Drauka’s Death.

Update Majestic 112- CrIsis, led by Ja’Deir and then Asher, figure out that the Agent is really Zizean!! See the Agent’s page for more.

Update set 16, 112- CrIsis learns that Zizean has been replaced as the Agent by Helgriven. However, while not in charge of the group, Zizean has become an active fighting member of ReSet.