We stream live on Twitch. Our games are then posted on YouTube. The most recent games are there. Previously we had a different Channel. You can find most of our games from June 2015 through April 2016 there.


CrIsis travels through Palladium after returning from Hades, and faces an old nemesis.


Made by AZ_Rune this video shows an important battle between the player group, CrIsis and their enemies, ReSet. It also shows what the group is hoping to accomplish- the rebuilding of the god Osiris.


Made when the group first reached 6 players, before leaving the Library of Bletherad. This video was taken down due to a player editing mistake. The original 2 members were Bexx and Chip. They were soon joined by Overkill then Greldarr and Cava.


Posted when Gavin & Rell replaced Bexx & Chu, to reflect the group’s new lineup.


Posted after Karma and Tyvernos joined CrIsis to reflect the group’s new lineup. With the fluid nature of the group, the GM decided this would be the last introductory video.


The ocean voyage is the first for the group as a whole. It should take them 25-35 days of travel to reach the Timiro Kingdom from the Library of Bletherad, off the coast of the Eastern Territory.


Two members have left CrIsis, one being the only worshiper of Horus. Two new members join the group, bringing their worship of Apis & Ra as well. Will the 2 new members- Rell, a very pretty human Master Collector with a painful past, and Gavin, a powerful Mind Mage in a child’s body, be able to make up for the loss of Bexx and Chu?

Dread Pirate Jason

CrIsis searched for the Dread Pirate Jason’s lair, as he was the last person seen with Osiris’ Right Index Finger. They recovered the Finger, and more treasures, out of the Dread Pirate Jason’s Treasure Trove.

CrIsis Seeks A Wooly Dragon

CrIsis recovered the Tongue of Osiris easily, but now face a far greater challenge, from within as well as from without. Gavin has revealed he is a changeling, and Cava was recently possessed by Anubis. This as they seek out an Ancient Wooly Dragon which holds the next piece of Osiris in its horde, Osiris’ Left Foot. Are they strong enough as a group to survive?

Isle of Set

CrIsis searches for the legendary Isle of Set, from which no being has ever returned. There have been sightings of Osiris’ Rib Cage reported to be seen by people of Lemaria. Lemaria is a mystery in its own right, an island that is avoided by the globe-trotting Bizantium people, rumored to be controlled by women of Isis. On their voyage CrIsis loses both Robert the Just and original CrIsis member Chip.