The greatest threat to human dominance is the Wolfen Empire, found in the Northern Wilderness. Their goal is to conquer the known world, uniting it under Wolfen rule. They, unlike their human adversaries, do not destroy or enslave their conquered peoples, but provide for the people as long as they are not subversive. Wolfen and humans have been sworn enemies for centuries, ever since the Western Empire slavers first threw a Wolfen into their gladiatorial arenas.

Wolfen are not all “monsters”, and are not the “baby eaters” or “barbarians” that many humans believe them to be. Many of the atrocities attributed to Wolfen are actually committed by Coyles, their shorter, more malicious “cousins”. This is similar to elves being blamed for atrocities committed by the human Western Empire- baseless.

Abilities/Stats Known: High PS & Speed, Tall (7-10’), short nightvision, keen hearing and smell. Claw, bite, & weapon attacks. Average SDC/HP: Average.

Greldarr and Raulf are Wolfen who formerly served in CrIsis.