Come to the Tri-Arcanum

Flier from our own AZ Rune

13 Responses to “Come to the Tri-Arcanum

  • This was fun to make! I loved making this based on an out of game idea.

  • This was great – I hope they either start recruiting outside of the Eastern Territories too or partner with other guilds around the world to work together.

  • Turned out even better than I had hoped- really cool new logos!

  • Xerx’ses also wants to begin training half-wizards as the new guards because of the power he saw capable among Llorn. Also reading how Master Collector’s function and the Solarium tactics has changed how he gains money for the guild. Creating a force of Mystic Mercenaries that can be hired out on more than just this world. Oh I have plans, yes!

  • I wonder about those within the Tri-Arcanum who are unhappy with the current direction of the guild. Are they leaving to form their own guild(s), or are they staying, brooding and wallowing in their misery, sowing discontent all around them?

    • They shall reap what they sow

    • Should be interesting to find out

      • Actually a fair number of them left.

        According to the GM we loss 20% in membership.

        Since Xerx’ses really isn’t mine anymore I doubt we’ll find out this game given how pressed for time to are to accomplish goals.

        • There may be other ways to find out besides visiting Xerx’ses

  • Yeah, I love the new logos too. As well as the whole notion of archaic advertising.

  • The more I look at it, the more I really dig the psychic logo.

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