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Dear CrIsis

First, I have arranged with the good Pontiff, and Father Philip, to have poor Nara fully examined Here in relative safety, away from the prying eyes of the Dark in Sekti-Abtu. I feel that there must be some magic placed upon her, for why else would she have turned?

I also have a warning for you, of tidings and thoughts most dire. With the recent breaking of the Agreement by Ra, I would not be surprised if one of the Gods of the Dark would take a far greater chance, perhaps directly engaging CrIsis!

Now on to the information I have gathered. With participation from the scholars of Sekti-Abtu and the generosity of the Khejas Family and the Royal College of Navigation, we have the following facts and rumors. This is not to be shared with anyone outside of CrIsis and the group summoned by U’Selekma to assist you. There is material on the Nimro Kingdom, its surrounds, and a group sent by Terosh.

There are Western Empire spies, along with soldiers and spies of the Pirate Lands upon the rivers and swamps, monitoring the Kingdom. Also there are Lizard Men who live amongst the swamps. Most of the activity is located in and around the River Dzereson, which forms the border between Nimro and South Winds. There are raised roads through the swamp, but are heavily patrolled.

There are tales of a clan of Titans in the Swamps! They may be allies! Of course they could also be enemies, so proceed with caution.

There are Gigante patrols as you wander- stay away from these heartless, powerful creatures!

There are rumors of heroes, both Giant and smaller, hiding in the Swamps! Perhaps you could ally with them! However, be wary, for these rumors may be spread in the aim of luring you all to your death!

Lastly, news of Terosh! The direction of the Armada was a ruse! They have attacked their ancient enemy Bizantium, and are laying waste to their Northern cities. With the Bizantium army south trying to quell the Shadow Coast rebellion the army of Terosh and the horrific Iceborn are reeking havoc and murdering many. There are six missing from Terosh, however- the 6 mentioned by Ursus’ friend WayRa– the group nicknamed the Blessing. I fear that these are the ones heading to the Giant Kingdom, 6 such as CrIsis, with perhaps some other help. They wish to regain the piece for their gain, for Terosh. You must beat them there!

I hope this assists you! Let me know how else I may serve you!

May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 3rd of Thoth in the 71st year of the Wolfen Empire.


Picture by Isidore.


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