24th of Ka Da, 2nd Year of the Rebirth.


Your Eminence, Keegan Seárlas Cardinal Rearden, Archbishop of Khonsu





Again, my apologies for not haven written sooner. We, the Members of CrIsis, can be pulled in many directions at once. As an example, we recently rid the The Bizantium Kingdom of a “pretender” to the Throne. While, CrIsis isn’t in the habit of making and breaking Kings, and by default Kingdoms. This mission was influenced by many sources. The one I have commonly referred to as Mangy (he will be most perturbed by my use of his nickname), bargained an agreement with the majority of CrIsis, EmEm, excuse me the Nameless One was most whole-heartily against any such deal, but it was a neccesary means to an end, to have Fala removed (turns out she was a Raksasha Demon, who knew, oh yeah CrIsis) and put Overkill’s Cousin back in his supposed place. So the whole endeavor had influence from three arenas. While, I am not so much into ensuring proper succession of Royalty, I am concerned with Evil Bitc…I mean Beasts ursurping power for their own means. She held alliance with the Iceborn and Terosh. She also was deceptive of her appearance and true nature. I know coming from a shapeshifter, that seems hypocritical (that’s a new word, wonder where that came from…)


defiance-tooth-pic-verticalDon’t look at me, Ima here just to take down some scalys. Damn, now Ima startin to talka like him, WTF!




FolwinSkull-tinyMaybe, yous got itsa from some of dat der, book learnin, HAHA!




WOW, really guys, while I’m trying to send an official report to the Bishop, this is embarrassing. Soon, I shall reduce the number of voices in my Head. It’s getting a little crowded.



Apologies, Your Eminence, I will endeavor to maintain better control. Where was I, yes, removing Fala. I was in it to rid the Realm of another evil beast. That leads me to the Pretender King Wilgan. He seemingly awoke from a spell-induces stupor the moment Fala was destroyed. We, uncharacteristically, formally requested he step down, so the “rightful heir” could take his place. We even offered to make him the Regent whilst we waited for Minischmee’s arrival from The Brook of Stone. As we arrrested those that were unwise in doing Fala’s bidding, he demanded that we execute them on the spot. Now, being a being (that sounds wierd) of utter violence, I don’t have a problem with ripping my enemies to shreds, but these folks had all surrendered and were ready for their due proper justice. As one that has faced his own meeting with justice I was not going to just slaughter them. I approached the former King and tried to reason with him, no I wasn’t holding him by the throat or getting ready to chomp his head off.


HEY, that’s not funny! Who’s laughing!


hehe, seems damn hilarious to me.


Damn you both to Hades. Calm…Control…Breath…Much better. Sorry, I’m back. Once the former King insisted we kill them all, I demanded he surrender to me to be placed into custody to await his own meeting with justice. Instead of surrendering, he acted the coward he is and touched an amulet and…poof…he was gone. He may have been too afraid to face the justice, or the prisoners had knowledge of his active participation in the war with the Iceborn and others.


So, pigeons were sent to Miniscmee, informing him of our success. His reply was it would take just over a month to return. This lead to a quandary for CrIsis. We had places to be and things to do, and we were being expected to be the Regents by committee for Bizantium. i for one know I am no ruler, No One wants that. After much bickering and correspondence with Minischmee, Torrun agreed to the Regent alone. He is a prince after all and has much more training in the matters of Nobility than the rest of us, by far.


While we were trying to about our business, we caught ear of a “town crier”, Julian, spouting false news about CrIsis and what our role and mission was in Bizantium. After a lengthy, BORING, discussion (where he twisted our ever word). He finally was “encouraged” to do right by Crisis. And no I wasn’t the one that did the “encouraging”. That was all Torrun. Some Prince, I am much better at “encouraging” then that. Wait, sorry, old habits there.


For the rest of the time (it was just under a month, Minischmee must’ve drove his Army hard to get back as quick as he could) We took care of some of the more mundane task’s that all folks have to take care of. We collected our fees from the sales of the book’s and used those funds to pay our taxes. Yes, readers even CrIsis has to pay taxes, so do the right thing and pay yours. I was also able to remove a great burden from my own shoulders by paying the fines I owed in Timiro for my little escapade the last time I was there. Amazingly, one of the skills I rarely used came in quite useful. I was able to skillfully & tediously etch symbols of CrIsis and our Gods onto some finely crafted weapons and sold them on consignment to the Merchant Groff. well the funds finally came to my GCB account and I paid the fines through His Eminence, Bishop TuTu. I for one am glad that matter is finally settled. One of Us, namely the Kankoran, weren’t as fortunate. It seems His latest love interest was still a little angry, or whatever, about being set on fire and being jilted. She absconded with all the funds he received from the sales. While this is tragic, it is even more, because he was carrying the newest member’s share as well. Misery does love company.


The festival of Ra was a Grand celebration. I think most of the citizens were just to rid of Fala and wanted to show their gratitude to any that would except it. The Festival of Ra was as good as any to show that gratitude. Of course there were many who were sincere in their celebration and worship. I hope the Mighty Ra doesn’t take away my new found strength and wisdom. Oh yeah, I’m sure you have heard, but I have been accepted into the Pantheon as the DEMIGOD OF THE MONSTER RACES and have been bestowed with greater skills, power & wisdom. Can you tell?



The 21st has Minischmee arriving. A grand celebration is held on the 22nd, where Queen Christine shows gratitude by awarding all of Crisis with Blessed Amulets of Isis. Each one specially suited to the one receiving it. Mine has helped me with many of my skills and abilities. This message should be proof. The 23rd is the official hand-off of the rule from the Regent to the King. We are all grateful it went smoothly, regardless of how boring it was. Man, just get it over with already. That evening, with the help of some gifts from the Great OathKeeper, We transport to the Elf paradise, Renvin, to fulfill yet another promise. Meet with the Elf God. It was a strange “landing”. A few thought they were in a great woods, I for one only saw a Beautiful Giant Mosiac (second only to my Bride to be) on the floor before us. IDK, some kind of weird test of belief or faith or something. Regardless, Lictalon appeared before us and We discussed at length what mattered to all. We gained intelligence of one of the remaining parts, It is NOT in the hands of the Dark as was suspected. I was also able to gain more insight into my own Kin. I am not going to discuss this in this message. I have to digest all the knowledge I have gained. Ok, ironic joke there, that I will explain sometime. The Monk-Priest…or is it Priest Monk…Who am I to say when even he can’t make up his mind…Spent some individual time with Lictalon “learning who he was”. The others also spent time with him. I contemplated my new found knowledge while I waited for them to do what they did.


There should be all caught up now. I will endeavor to correspond more to ensure you are fully aware of how things are going, at least from our perspective.


May the Blessings of KHONSU upon you and may HE guide you on your travels.


Ursus Monstrum Actos








Sent to Cardinal Rearden, in Sekti-Abtu, via His Holiness U’Selekma.

Cardinal Keegan picture from Wikipedia
Mr Tooth drawn by AZ_RUNE
Renvin picture from Philip Straub


6 Responses to “URSUS REPORTS ON CrIsis

  • Loving Ursus’ growth!!

  • Soon he shall be a were thesaurus (are they scaly?)

    • There is a good idea- what will he do with a lizard skin or dragon skin book? What about clothes?

  • If it’s any lizard like creature (presumably there is anything left of it), clothing. Dragon, scale armor for all of CrIsis

  • Such a dramatic change in his writing, but not too dramatic – this really shows his progression nicely.

  • I loved the progression all the same.

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