What Kind Of Tale Will We Forge?

My dear friends Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker and Zavik the Troll,

Please know that while I will discuss topics of a “dark” and “fatal” nature I do not feel gloated upon the nectar of their entropy. Even though there may be tales once recorded I find it difficult to believe that it is impossible to become godlike in any form or fashion without having died once. The tactics that brought about my death was nothing short of well thought out and executed with precision. I don’t fault myself for trying to save people over my own life. I fault myself for not seeing the trap for what it was. CrIsis and more importantly, Silent Dream, has gotten me to see hope for a better, united, world. My, sister & Queen, hearkens that by electing to become a symbol my hope for a quiet life is forever over. Valor, after all is the one thing people that lead mortal lives forget when faced with the choice of dying or living another day to see their love ones.

Valor won’t pay for food.
Valor doesn’t comfort you when you lose a profession.
Valor won’t give you a place to sleep.

Normal people don’t die and come back to life. I can say for certainty I am no longer mortal. Given how Mary has had such a raw deal from my chosen pantheon would she even want me around anymore? Maybe this is the reason nearly every member of our merry band is a misfit and cast away from their societies and homes? If your going to possibly become a god would not “mortal” attachments hold you back? Did Lictalon the Great ever have these concerns? How did he adapt and overcome them I wonder? Knowing their are others that will take my place should I pass from this world permanently. Actually gives me a sense of comfort knowing my death is not my failure. I know, I know, that’s morbid but still true.

I am sure scholars in the future will debate my words but I feel strongly this path I am on is the right one.

Valor is trust in those around you.
Valor is knowing your back is covered.
Valor is being ready to give yourself to the future so it may come to pass.

I look back on earlier words seeing fear and knowing the emotion well. How it makes one think of themselves above others. Fear is a choice that gains ground when avenues of relief appear desolate. Now danger is very real but how you react to it decides fear or valor. Valor thinks of us and fear thinks of me. Maybe Mary will want nothing to do with me, maybe not? However, I am not fighting for her. I know gasp if you must, but I am fighting for everyone – whether or not they care for my aid – so the Lawbringer may balance their futures and challenge them to grow only with steps they can overcome and learn from. Life will never be easy, but what if it was indeed balanced? Wouldn’t you want to fight to know you could not only better yourself but all those that are unable to do so for themselves?

On the morrow is Horus’ day and I’m aboard the Shield of Light. I could not ask the gods & goddesses for anything more than what they have given me – a purpose. I look at stars and know it is currently showing Aster the centaur wanderer. I pray one day he finds his purpose unless watching over other wanderers is it. If that be the case then raise a toast to the Light and to Aster’s stars! For he followed me until I found mine. I am no seer, I know not what the future holds but all of us on this ship sail to make sure everyone can see the light of Ra’s Mighty Eye each brave new day!

May that be the tale we leave to our children: Valorous, Everlasting, Hope!

I believe I am alive because of your thoughts and prayers so thank you my dear friends.

Be well!

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves


Sent upon the 24th of Od; in the 1st year of Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune


4 Responses to “What Kind Of Tale Will We Forge?

  • I do like writing logs as Torrun more than Xerx’ses. Torrun just has this unending optimism about him and its infectious to me at least.

    • It certainly didn’t feel very optomistic at first but it did by the end.

  • I love how Torrun is progressing! Nice inclusion of the zodiac! I personally like Torrun better as time passes, for he is truly deep.
    Lictalon is a misfit as well- look at how few are truly close to him!

  • There’s Valor, rearing it’s ugly head again.

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